Kloonigames @ Pjio.com

I’m in the middle of development, so just a quick note. I’ve uploaded all my games to Pjio.com, so they can now be played online. I hope that I can find some new players for my games, since from now on you don’t have to download and extract the zip files. Even though Pjio.com requires for you to install a plug-in I think it’s a bit easier for the not-so-tech-savvy players.

Here’s the links to my games on Pjio.com:
Pluto Strikes Back
Slimy Pete’s Singles Bar
Jimmy’s Lost His Marbles

In the Pjio.com related news, the founder of Pjio.com, Tim Fisher created a fun experimental game in 4 days called Part One. Check it out, it’s a fun take on the swarm shooter idea.

42 Responses to “Kloonigames @ Pjio.com”

  1. Joysticker Says:

    I downloaded the Part One game on Pijo’s website and when installing, Antivir informs me there’s a backdoor in PartOne.exe. Is that a mistake by my antivirus software or do I have a problem?

  2. petri.purho Says:

    I think it’s a mistake by the antivirus software. Or atleast I hope it’s the antivirus softwares fault. Someone else also reported the Antivir backdoor notifcation at the indiegamer forums.

  3. Joysticker Says:

    Mh, okay. 🙂