Forums Are Go!

There’s a real discussion forum now. (No need to use the comments section as a place holder forums anymore).

Installing the Kloonigames’ forums is one of the things that’s been in the back burner for about a year now. I finally got around to doing it, so go there now introduce yourself and start discussing!

It’s going to be fun to be able to know you guys a little better. Because we all know what kind of a place the internet is and can be, I’ve included helpful video that explains how to behave on an internet forum. I hope (and actually demand) that you watch before posting.

See you on the forums!

57 Responses to “Forums Are Go!”

  1. Chance Says:

    That MIGS interview was really informational. Nice job!

  2. mr.awesome Says:

    ha I’m actually one of those “evil teens”

  3. Joe Says:

    It would be really nice if you linked to the actual site, rather than the version someone put on YouTube.

    This is it:

  4. Joe Says:

    Apologies, VJ uploaded… Seems odd that they’d do that, surely it drives people away from their site.

  5. Gerry Says:

    The forum code should adjust the image size, point NULL.

  6. Xenobiologista Says:

    Public schools should have courses on Responsible Internet Use not only including etiquette stuff like this, but other basic skills like how to find out if a piece of information is true versus the Pacific Tree Octopus.