Crayon Physics Deluxe Status Update

This is a bit of a status update about me as well. I’ve hesitated about writing update reports, mostly because if I write something then it will be set in stone. And also you guys tend to go berserk in the comments section each time I write about the game 🙂

So I’ve been working on Crayon Physics Deluxe full time for about a year and a half now. It’s a small miracle that I’ve been able to pay my rent on time, without having a real income. The game itself has made some really good progress and it’s never been as close to being finished as it is now 😉 But there’s still stuff to be done and graphics to be tightened up. And in regards to that, here’s the official release date: When it’s done!

Sorry about the big font.

I’d love to see the game released during this year and I’ve been working hard to make that happen. Wish me best of luck and bug free code.

The game will be released as a downloadable PC game and the full version of the game is going to cost the standard 20$. There’s going to be a free demo that you can try out. And the game is going to be released on this site. (There might be some other distribution channels as well, but I can’t talk about them now). I can’t promise Mac or Linux ports, but I’ll try to do my best to bring the game to those platforms as well.

Also concerning all the other platforms: I can’t promise anything. We will see what the future brings.

I’ll try to setup a FAQ so post your questions in the comments and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my abilities.

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  1. Sivulla Says:

    Can I purchase the game using bank transfer or do I have to use PayPal only?

  2. Clint Says:

    You mentioned that you can’t talk about other distribution channels, but I’d like to put in a plea for a Steam release anyway. I might make an exception for your game, but as a rule/principle I don’t buy PC games off of anything but Steam now. Thanks!

  3. Tchuvak Says:

    Excited, I am.
    Brillant, you are.
    Jerks, impatient people can be.
    Hope, you gave me.
    You back, I encourage.

  4. petri.purho Says:

    @Sivulla: It’s going to be PayPal at the beginning at least. The bank transfer could be done for the Finnish banks, but it kinda depends on how many Finns want to buy it that way.

    @Clint: I’ll try to do my best to get the game onto as many decent digital distribution channels as possible.

  5. DASannikov Says:

    Petri, Srart pre-order!!!!

  6. sarah Says:

    wiiware? i can hope

  7. Martin Says:

    Have you played the Crayon Physics Clone on the iPhone? It was a nice try, but I think you could do it a lot better yourself. Is there any chance of an official kloonigames version?

  8. Renaud Bédard Says:

    Best of luck for a release this year, Petri!
    And I for one admire your focus and dedication.

  9. Joe Says:

    Best of luck getting it completed!

  10. Chance Says:

    Yeah! Nice job Petri you finally shut them up!

    On a separate note: A crayon physics deluxe forum would be a good idea….
    On another separate note: Steam would be nice for business, and I’m sure they would be happy to sell your game.

  11. Rory Says:

    Open up pre-orders! I will happily fork up the $$ that and it will help pay your rent! 😀

  12. mr.awesome Says:

    You just made my day 🙂

  13. Izual_Yang Says:

    “official release date: When it’s done!” Duke Nukem For Never?

  14. Razrcut Brooks Says:

    many many many months ago , I submitted my email address in order to be notified of the game’s release…..still have the list?

  15. Razrcut Brooks Says:

    Reason for the many many many months of rude and impatient comments: releasing a YouTube video of Deluxe which makes people say : whats the big deal? its finished obviously… why the delay?

  16. RJ Says:

    I haven’t ever commented before, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m eagerly awaiting this release, and that I’m sure you’ll get your money back once it’s released. Just make sure you get a lot of publicity going!

  17. petri.purho Says:

    Thanks guys for the nice words. Made my day.

    I’ll try to setup the pre-orders and forums. Pre-orders might happen a bit sooner than forums though.

    @Razrcut Brooks: When I released the youtube video I tried to make it clear that the game was at very early stages of development. There has been quite a lot of stuff that had to be done to get it to the point it is now. And there’s still work to do. Trust me when I say that the game was no where near finished when I released the youtube clip.

  18. Says:

    @Razrcut Brooks: Trust me- three levels that have some functionality does not equal a done game. Lots of bugs will only occur when circumstances are right- it can take ages to ferret out them all.

    There are likely to still be levels, code optimisations and multi-platform tests (even XP and vista have their differences) to be done, audio and art assets to make, deals to cut- these things take time, even when you have working code you can show off.

    Question time:
    Will you be keeping Ghost’s ‘Lullaby’ as the main track? (it totally made CP)
    Will there be a level editor (or a level pack manager)?
    Will you release the game via Steam?
    Do you need beta testers?
    Will the game include any form of DRM?

  19. Says:

    Petri beat me to it. 😛

  20. Peabnuts123 Says:


    ( if you hadn’t noticed.

    Umm; to make this post not only a plug to get back on the forums…

    Really great news, man. It’s also such a co-incidence that I check today after like a month of not checking and you post your update TODAY!

    Crazy :p

  21. nigel coldwell Says:

    Any idea on the system requirements???? presumably it will require more than the old game???

    I’d love to know your thoughts on the the pros and cons of including some drm.

  22. Michael Adaixo Says:

    Hi! Just Be sure to email those who subscribed so I can buy the game when released 😀 😀
    I wish you the best of luck with it 😀

  23. Mute Says:

    Yes pre-order, sort out that rent and order some pizza.
    I wish you luck and bug free code

  24. petri.purho Says:
    Will you be keeping Ghost’s ‘Lullaby’ as the main track? (it totally made CP)
    Ghost’s Lullaby will be in the game. (I’ve required the permissions to do this from the artists personally).

    Will there be a level editor (or a level pack manager)?
    There well be a level editor that is actually easy to use. All the levels in the game have been made with the tools that come with the game. So you’ll be able to do your own amazing levels.

    Will you release the game via Steam?
    At this point I can’t really talk about which digital distribution networks the game will be featured on. Also I don’t know for sure and I’ve written NDA’s.

    Do you need beta testers?
    Actually I do need beta testers 🙂 More about this soon.

    Will the game include any form of DRM?
    No, the game will be DRM free.

    @nigel coldwell:
    System requirements
    Windows XP / Vista
    1 GHZ or faster CPU,
    512 MB or more RAM,
    DirectX 9.0
    3D card that isn’t from the stone age

    @Michael Adaixo:
    Micheal, no worries I’ll email everyone once the game is done 🙂

  25. Swoo Says:

    @Petri: No doubt you have asked the artists personally for the permissions to use their song.

    But, did you tell them you were intending to sell the game with their song in it? Did they agree to change their minds on the fact they initially did that song with a non-commercial intention?

    If they didn’t, and if they really don’t want to earn any money from their song (which is not that impossible), they can ask you not to use the song.

    Can you tell us, Petri, that they agreed to change their minds on that?

  26. petri.purho Says:

    @Swoo: Thanks for your concern, but I told them what the deal was going to be. That I was going to sell the game and they were cool with it.

  27. Peter Says:

    amazing news 🙂
    This is what I’ve been waiting for. Sorry though for the uproar on the previous posts, but you propably know how difficult it is to wait for something without having any reports for months.

    @swoo: 🙂 you are talking like you own the song. But it’s indeed important to have asked the songwriters.

    @Petri: Will there be online scoring? Or any online features?
    Will there be an SDK?
    What about the security level of your game? (preventing warez websites to crack your games)
    For music, will you be ablt to select a music folder (mp3)?


  28. Chris Haukap Says:

    I’d be interested in doing beta testing for you. Feel free to hit me up.

  29. Timmy! Says:

    I want to beta test. dont think anyone will anyway lol

  30. Peter Says:

    @timmy: correction, everyone wants to be a beta tester. But the question is, how many % will actually be testing, and how many will play for fun?

  31. OzmonD Says:

    I put this page as my homepage lol and every time when i open up my browser all i can see is that crayon deluxe isnt still finished oh welll

  32. Chance Says:

    For people who check this site everyday – Use a RSS feed or something like that. I get an email when there is a new post with Google Reader.

  33. Stuart Meldrum Says:

    Looking forward to the release, but (grovelling)

    Is there any chance that the game could be made available for schools with a site licence, and perhaps slightly cheaper?…no chance my school could justify 20x$20 unfortunately.

  34. petri.purho Says:

    There’s a new post that explains the pre-order and beta testing.


    Will there be online scoring? Or any online features?
    At this stage I’m not saying anything 😉

    Will there be an SDK?
    No I won’t be releasing an SDK, but you can mod the game in other ways. At this stage the game doesn’t support mods in a managed way, but if there’s a demand I could do it as an update to the game.

    What about the security level of your game? (preventing warez websites to crack your games)
    There won’t be any DRM, because it just pisses off real consumers and it isn’t effective against pirates.

    For music, will you be ablt to select a music folder (mp3)?
    No, sorry. But you can turn off the music in the game by pressing “m” and you can listen to your own music through another music player.

  35. petri.purho Says:

    @Stuart Meldrum: I haven’t thought about that, but I’d love to do special offers for schools. Email me at with details (once the game is out).

  36. Peter Says:

    k thx for the answers, am looking forward now 🙂

  37. Andre Says:

    You said that you cant promise a linux version, but the game actually works with wine ( as the non deluxe version ?

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  39. damnwall Says:

    I would pre order if I had a release date.

  40. Douche Says:

    Oooooo. Just hearing news about this made me change my pants.

  41. Chance Says:


    If you pre-order you will get it sooner because you can participate in the Beta.

  42. Rakel Says:

    I pre-ordered! So you at least have at least a dinner out on me 😉

  43. Nightwayne Says:

    “3D card that isn’t from the stone age” lol…nice one,petri…..
    sorry for the late comment!lol!i was in a Cryonic Chamber…well, i think my alarm went on early!!coz i set it for the time of the CPD release date!!well,gud nite then!!!:)

  44. merkin Says:

    Petri is obviously using Microsofts XNA to build Crayon Physics Deluxe, hence no possibility of a MacOS/Linux/Wii port, and the requirement for a relatively recent graphics card.

    Given the slow rate of development even using the XNA framework, I doubt Petri will have time to create an engine that is more portable.

  45. Tyler Says:

    i stumbled across your site a year ago and to this day i anxiously await the release of your monthly games

    then i played crayon physics and fell in love
    even the regular one where you can only build squares is amazing
    the concept is so cool and i cant wait until i have the full version!
    props for this amazing game, keep programming my man

  46. seokju kim Says:

    i’m ready to play

  47. admin Says:

    @Andre: I wouldn’t count on it. The game is very different from technical perpective to the prototype. Also it’s a really bad idea to compare the prototype and Crayon Physics Deluxe on any issue 🙂

    @merkin: I’m not using XNA, I’m coding the game in C++, but still the porting is a bit of a work, so we’ll see what happens.

  48. Kurt Bomya Says:

    Seems like this game struck a nice vein in the gaming industry. You have my pre-order! Good job with the programing and I must say “I can’t wait to see what kind of innovation you bring to the final product.” I’ll be sharing this game and link with all my friends.

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  50. Doc Says:

    I’m a bit excited about the upcomming release. I preordered almost the day preorder was available. I’ve shown crayon physics to many young kids ages 6 and up. They had a great time with it, almost as much fun as I did. Hopefully I’ll be able to add it to a few Christmas stockings this year. I have 6 or 7 kids I work with that will enjoy it very much. I have been coming to your site for a quite a while and dl most of your games.
    Thanks for all the updates. I really hope you make a lot of money with it that way you can keep programming and make many more fun games.

  51. Blair Says:

    I preordered and would love an invite for beta testing.

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  53. Kevin Says:

    It’s time for the iPhone version update. The “Can’t draw…erase something”-bug is getting very annoying!

    It’s a great game though. Keep up the good work!

  54. Dan M Says:

    Petri, I’ve purchased the game, and it’s amazing!!!!! Thank you for your hard work; now I have to get back to playing!


  55. medyum Says:

    You mentioned that you can’t talk about other distribution channels, but I’d like to put in a plea for a Steam release anyway. I might make an exception for your game, but as a rule/principle I don’t buy PC games off of anything but Steam now. Thanks!


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