Cacodemon Test Builds

Pluto's Nasty Emperor Cacodemon’s Barbecue Party in Hell is on the verge of a new release! But before I release a new version of the game I’d really love to hear your comments about few gameplay tweaks that I have done. These tweaks where born from the great discussions on the Cacodemon’s Barbecue Party post. So big thanks to everybody who commented.

New players ahoy I need your opinions and feedback. If you haven’t played Cacodemon’s Barbecue Party I really need you to test out the game and tell me what you thought of it. I’d really appreciate it and you get to influence the gameplay of Cacodemon by your comments. If your a new player I want you to run the “cacodemon_test1.exe” or the “cacodemon_test2.exe ” first (the download and installation instructions are below). And after you’ve tested it please let me know if the game was too easy or too hard and any other suggestions and ideas that you came up with playing the game. You can test the original game by running the “cacodemon.exe” and let me know which one them was the best and why.

I’d also love to hear from the old savvy Cacodemon players, what you think of these new gameplay modes and which of the plays the best and why.

So here are the test builds and installation instructions.

1. First you have to download the Cacodemon’s Barbecue Party (5.2 Mb) (release 1).
2. Then download the file (includes two .exes) and extract it into the same folder where the “cacodemon.exe” is located.
3. Then run either “cacodemon_test1.exe” or “cacodemon_test2.exe”.

The test #1 was actually released originally in the Cacodemon’s original blog post’s comments. It has the per kitten scoring enabled. Meaning that you only get a score if you manage to throw the kittens into the oven. This was enabled after the discussion that the oven was basically useless in the game.

The test #2 has the time released kittens mode coded into it. Now the kittens are also released after twenty seconds. So it’s possible to play around with multiple kittens at the same time. And you’ll get a double score for doing that.

In related news I have been working on the high-score list and it will be included in the new release of Cacodemon’s Barbecue Party in Hell and Pluto Strikes Back. The bad news is that when I’m not doing rapid game development, the engineer in me pops up and I end up over engineering my code. So the high-score list feature turned into a obsession of updating my game engine to handle it’s resources in a smarter way. I was a little afraid that something like that might happen. Good news is it is almost done, the bad news is that I’m really busy next week.

In the other news grapefrukt has just released his new cool game called Eater Of Worlds. You should check it out.

110 Responses to “Cacodemon Test Builds”

  1. bigbossSNK Says:

    Woohoo! I posted on the site again! Woohoo!
    *runs around all excited like Homer Simpson spotting a blue car*

  2. Scott Says:

    Just tried the game for the first time. Seems nice but I found the two new test versions a little frustrating (for a beginner at least). A few games of zero score in a row can be pretty demoralizing. I never had multiple kittens drop so I can’t comment on that (I guess that also gives an indication of my skill level). I wonder if the oven could give some large bonus like two or three times whatever you had gotten on that kitten so far. Maybe that would reinforce the oven part while not punishing beginners too much. Also perhaps you would only lose kittens when you dropped them? More of a hell’s McDonald’s theme where the boss gets angry if Cacodemon wastes too many. I guess that could make the game pretty long for experts though.

    Could there be some sort of horizontal position indicator when the kitten flies off the top of the screen? Unless it’s your idea to punish people for letting the kitten get out of control which is good too.

    Anyway it was a fun game but not quite as catchy as Pluto Strikes Back. The girlfriend (who doesn’t like video games) liked your games because she “didn’t have to click” and I guess the simple game play and catchy scoring pop-ups. Pluto was her favorite too.

  3. Scott Says:

    Also if the demon is over the score when the game ends, you can’t tell what your final score was. Maybe the score should pop up in the center at the end?

  4. petri.purho Says:

    @Scott: Big thanks for your for comments. It was really helpful. I suspected that the new test versions where a bit frustrating for the beginners, so thanks for clearing that out for me. That was the reason why I decided to go with the more loose scoring scheme on the original release.

    There’s also the alternative scoring system where every time you would throw a kitten into the oven you would increase your score multiplier, but if you dropped a kitten the score multiplier would drop back to 1. That could be user friendly enough for the new players and challenging enough for the experts.

    I originally intended creating the horizontal position indicators, but I quickly realized that you don’t really need them and playing without them was a bit more challenging.

    I’m very happy to hear that your girlfriend liked Pluto and Cacodemon. I thinks it’s always the best compliment to hear, that someone who doesn’t normally enjoy video games plays your game and likes it. So thanks for the nice compliment. And big thanks for taking the time to test the games and write the comments.

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