1UP Interview

I and bunch of other indies did these interviews with 1UP people at GDC and they posted them online now. I’m having a really hard time watching myself being interviewed. Part of it is, that I always have the hardest time watching video footage of me and the other part of it is it’s really laggish and it loads for ever.

Make sure you check out the other more articulate indies as well:

Edit: Also 1UP just posted a video of Jonathan Blow and David Hellman talking about Braid.
[via David’s blog]

2nd Edit: It’s a scientific fact now; 1UP loves indies!

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  1. Kacela Says:

    Great interview. You did well. It’s nice to be able to get more of a glimpse into the creative genius that you really are.

  2. adam Says:

    that’s awesome, cactus is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

    i just wish clean asia wasn’t so damn hard!

    nice interview there petri!

  3. bloodyhoody Says:

    Nice interview Petri! It’s hard to wait for a game of this kind because we already know we will like it and we just want to see now what that give 😛

    Let’s go, make a good work and I think this game is the best of the world !
    Imagine the money you may make if you make it on DS …. WOW!! 😛

    Good luck and we waiting all for this wonderful game !

  4. adam Says:

    how would it work on the DS? i mean, the great thing about CPD is that you can draw on the whole screen. the levels would have to fit the bottom screen and that’s a bit small, unless you could scroll the level up and down to draw on different bits.

    i’m sure you’ll work it out though. wii would be a better option!

  5. Mike Says:

    Part of this was published in the Games for Windows magazine. Congrats!

  6. Timmypokemon Says:

    did u look at my vid, crayon levels, hope so, prob not lol. please make it for PC, ds screen too small, you can make it PC and DS

    Timmypokemon @ youtube

    PS : I liked your vid alot

  7. petri.purho Says:

    The game will be released for PC no matter what. Don’t worry about that. DS is something I’d love to do as another platform, but I don’t how doable it is from the technical, design and most important publisher standpoint. They don’t really like it when you tell them that you want to do the PC version by yourself and publish it by yourself.

  8. Timmypokemon Says:

    Can you make more levels for crayon physics (1st one)
    everybody wants you to, crayon deluxe ts weird how long u spend on the game, im happy its coming in about only 2 months, imagine how many youtube vids there will be of it 🙂

    Good luck

  9. petri.purho Says:

    @Timmypokemon: I checked your levels, they are really beautiful. I’m currently trying to put together some kind of a page for all the mods and extra levels for my games, but with the all the stuff happening now, it’s a bit difficult to find the time do it 🙁

  10. Timmypokemon Says:

    They aint really my levels, i got some more that i havent put on, ill might put them on tommorrow, with some of the old levels with it.

  11. Timmypokemon Says:

    O yh i forgot, i had issues with crayon editor, when i save it, where it go because it doesn’t go with to the crayon editor folders, i would ask somone else but they never reply ABOUT THAT because your busy. It will be really good to help me with this.

    PS: if u help me and i know how to do it ill make lots of crayon levels, TRUST ME!

  12. Apina Says:

    What is wrong? I can’t see the videos. Newgrounds, 1UP and Filefront are not working! Well you were in gametrailers TV show did you know that?

  13. Petri Purho Says:

    Thanks for the gametrailers TV show info 🙂 I didn’t know I was there. They take a look at the indie games, and there’s me, Mårten of Fret Nice and Darren of Iron Dukes talking about our games.


    It’s around the 7 minute mark.

    @Timmypokemon: I’m not sure I understand your your question. Could you provide a little bit more info.

  14. bloodyhoody Says:

    I have an idea for the mods… Why don’t just put all of them in a BIG mod… Like the ” Pocket Crayon Mod”… Just the game with the reals level + the level create by the other persons and like that, that will be less difficult that take all link of download for all map creats…. just an idea like that…

    Continu your good work! 😛

  15. Kloonigames » Blog Archive » More Crayon Physics Deluxe Clips from GDC Says:

    […] Apparently the GDC interviews are surfacing now. I remember vaguely talking to some people from gametrailers and now they published the interview on Gametrailers TV (The indie section starts around 7 minute mark). [Thanks to Apina for letting me know about this]. […]

  16. Timmypokemon Says:

    I did get this bit:
    (There is one bug I came across: when closing the editor and re-opening it, it seems the editor doesn’t remember the file (when you are to name your level). When it says to create a new one, just answer yes. You’ll get to the black screen with the white lines, provided you haven’t forgotten to push S before closing the editor.)

    but how do you actully save the file because when i make 1, i can’t find it, its not in the crayon editor folder.

    PS: I can’t put the vid on today, not enough time 🙁
    PSS: You should email me because i don’t like talking by comment boxes, or .. should i email u, well you know the stuff

    Email: timmmy1@gmail.com & timmypokemonfan@gmail.com

  17. jenn Says:

    1UP loves indies! And we miss you!

    You really do give a good interview, sir.

  18. Oliver Snyders Says:

    That 1Up Gamevideos player… I hate it! They usually have some interesting stuff on there (interviews with game industry people etc.) but the player itself just seems so buggy compared to something like the YouTube player, or even the GameTrailers player.

    Oh yeah, a DS version of Crayon Physic Deluxe would probably be the definitive version, if done right. Petri probably already knows this, but you need to tailor fit the game to the platform and not try to fit the platform to the game. A small amount of ‘reinvention’ would be necessary for Crayon Physics Deluxe in order for it to be a good game on DS, but it would end up great.

    The thing is, Crayon Physics is a real ‘toy’ kind of game and putting it on a handheld platform would take advantage of that dynamic – carrying a toy around with you. I wouldn’t necessarily spend a significant amount of time playing Crayon Physics on my PC, but on a handheld, I definitely would. I could play it at any time and for any amount of time (insert ‘the good things about handhelds’ here).

    Keeping the key aspects of the game (physics, drawing and puzzles) but taking advantage of the dual screens (mapping buttons to accessible actions/items/elements on the top screen – always visible) and *tons* of levels with a good feeling of progression would be great and make a DS version different enough to make people want a PC version *and* the DS version.

    Rant over.

    Oh, sorry, rant not over. Another begins:

    You’re doing Petri (and Crayon Physics Deluxe) a disservice whenever you abbreviate Crayon Physics/Crayon Physics Deluxe to CP or CPD. I’m speaking my own mind here and this has nothing to do with what Petri thinks, but my thoughts are that you should always say the full name so that people reading this forum will realise what you’re talking about and that person will invest some mindshare in Crayon Physics. CP and CPD are meaningless. You, yourself, will also invest that self-same mindshare and begin to think about it differently and, when speaking to other people, refer to it as the full name. These people then invest in the name and so on. It’s the same with all names. It may be tough to type the whole thing out every time, but I think it’s valuable.

    Again, my thoughts bare no reflection on those of Mr. Purho’s. It’s quite possible I’m a jerk. I have toothpaste in my ear and pasta in my nostrils. I am a T-Shirt.

  19. Petri Purho Says:

    @jenn: I miss you guys too! The 1UP gang did such an great job with the indie interviews; That’s the only reason why I managed to give a decent interview.

  20. Miles Says:

    Wow…This is sooo cool!
    I would love to bye it! Did you say DS (Nintendo DS?)…. well that would be just perfect!
    Keep up the great work,

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