Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper

It’s summer and it’s been raining like hell here in Finland. Perfect weather for making games! Here’s yet another made in under seven days game.

Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper

Jimmy's Lost His Toilet Paper screenshot Jimmy's Lost His Toilet Paper screenshot Jimmy's Lost His Toilet Paper screenshot


tp.zip (5,9 MB) (Release 1.0.1 (fixed the .dll bug) )


Jimmy lives a simple life. All he’s got is a roll of toilet paper. Until the faithful day that his TP rolled away. You play as Jimmy on his epic adventure to get back all that belongs to him and find love and meaning to his life on the way.

Control Jimmy with [ARROW KEYS]. Press [DOWN] (or [SHIFT]) to hold on to the toilet paper and drag it with you. You have to collect all of the toilet paper in the level to get to the next one.

[SPACE] restarts the level.

Trouble shootting

If you have problems getting the game to run I’d suggest on installing the newest DirectX 9.0c drivers and making sure you have .Net Framework 2.0 installed.


Game Design, Code & Gfx: Petri Purho ( petri.purho (at) gmail.com )

Music: GOBODOBRO – New orleans. The song “New orleans” is freely available at http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/19066 under the  Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

Sound Effects: crate_hit_ground_01.wav, crate_hit_ground_02.wav, player_hit_ground_01.wav, player_hit_ground_02.wav, player_hit_ground_03.wav are from Sample package “Crashes Strikes and Whacks” by FreqMan. They are lisenced under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.
player_jump.wav is from 31arrow shot.wav by gezortenplotz and
switch_click.wav is from click 1 d.wav by TicTacShutUp Both are lisenced under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.

The game uses Erin Catto’s Box2D physics engine.

Inspiration source: Experimental Gameplay Project.

Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper uses: SDL and SDL_Mixer.

The game itself is under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license.

144 Responses to “Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper”

  1. Swoo Says:

    I have not yet tested it but I’m sure I will like it! 😉 Thanks, Petri!!

  2. red_forman Says:

    I can’t say anything about the game yet, but if anyone can’t run it and gets this error message: “This application has failed to start because d3dx9_33.dll was not found…” – just rename the d3dx9_36.dll file to _33.

  3. admin Says:

    @red_forman: Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll fix it!

  4. McWonderBeast Says:

    @Petri: Hahahahhah OMFG this game is classic, simplistic funny, and fun! I love this kind of classic play on potty Humor. The Physics are Wonderful as always, I especially love the fact that the toilet paper reacts like real toilet paper. the music suits this game it gives it that loopy kinda feel. I would Really love to know what your inspiration was to make this game? ( the little Crap cloud is Funny )

    Ive had allot of fun in the short time ive had to play TPing every level.

    If you plan on working upon this game in the future id really love to see like power upgrades like two ply toilet paper, and make the regular toilet paper breakable.

  5. red_forman Says:

    Yeah! The game is really fun!

    Holding the toilet paper with down arrow is very useful, altough I would prefer to use a diferrent key – like shift or something else, so I can use both hands. It would be easier to jump while holding the paper etc.

    Good job Petri! 🙂

  6. Balthazar Says:

    Another quite awesome game, Petri! Keep up the good work!

  7. petri.purho Says:

    @red_forman: You can hold down the paper using shift as well 🙂

  8. Stephen Says:

    Oh wow. This is ridiculously fun. Nice one!

    And you just have to love Jimmy swinging side to side clutching onto the toilet paper over the side of ledges 🙂

  9. Swoo Says:

    I just wanted to say that the game works perfectly if you rename the ‘d3dx9_36.dll’ file into ‘d3dx9_33.dll’ 😉 So Petri, there’s no big thing to change in your zip file.

    I really liked playing this game, this is pure Petri stupid-yet-funny game and the development is a real success! Some of the puzzles made me wonder for a sizable while how to solve them 🙂

    But red_forman is right, it should be great if we could jump as high when holding the paper as when not holding it. Is it that Jimmy has no muscles strong enough to carry some toilet paper when he jumps? Or is it that this paper is made of lead?

  10. Spencer Says:

    Awesome! The mechanic works so well! You are so good at this.

  11. Chance Says:

    A completely original game, as usual! Really fun to play, and challenging which makes it better than your other games that are pretty short. 😉 Its also funny when you swing on the toilet paper and climb up by collecting the paper above you and then grabbing it again.

    Just one thing that is kind of annoying is how slow Timmy pushes the boxes.

    Another Great Game! And now the CPD whining begins:

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  13. Weston Says:

    finally another physics game!!!!!!!!!!

  14. minä Says:

    doesnt work on me.i tried to rename the .dll file but it still doesnt work.

  15. red_forman Says:

    @Petri: You’re right! Thanks 🙂 Silly me…

  16. Joe Says:

    Meh… it’s okay I guess. Still, this is making me (and I’m sure many others as well) that you may have just given up on CPD. I mean, we’re talking a year now, and not so much as an update. I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt that you just want to make sure the game is at its best when you release it… but you can’t keep people waiting indefinitely with no news or updates.

  17. goshki Says:

    @Joe: Here we go again…

  18. countach Says:

    hahah, funny and addictive. Congratulations

  19. Hairy Says:

    Genius – pure genius 🙂

  20. umakooSTUDIO » Blog Archive Says:

    […] https://www.kloonigames.com/blog/games/tp […]

  21. Kevin Says:

    Help! Where can I get help on completing a level?

  22. BKing Says:

    But unfortunately joe is right!
    Instead of creating and releasing games that everyone just plays for 5 minutes, petri could release a game which immediately would have a big community which would create levels and stuff for it.

    I already sent him this link:

    It’s a flash clone of Crayon Physics Deluxe (they DID give him credit for that) and they obviously did it in no time AND it’s mad fun to play those 25 levels!

  23. Miles Says:

    GREAT GAME! …but some levels are to hard to solve for me… 🙁

  24. Chance Says:


    Yeah that game has been mentioned before, and Petri was well aware of it. 😉

    @Joe an everyone else

    Don’t visit this blog if all you want is CPD. Thats what the email reminder is for.

  25. Mix Says:

    Jimmy must be using 10-ply. Damn that tissue is strong.

  26. Name Says:

    Uhm.. well uhm…

    Game crashed on one of the really hard levels.

    But there’s no way to skip to that level now… All is lost.

  27. Bubble Says:

    Awesome game Petri! I’m glad that despite the crap people give you (no pun intended ;)) about getting CPD out you keep on making these really interesting one-weekers. Keep it up!

    I get the feeling that there will be many more levels created for this game… So the bitmaps define the obstacles, starting toilet paper locations, force fields, etc., and the XML files define the toilet paper vertices? How are the elevators defined? Can you have more than one elevator?


  28. James Rossi Says:

    This is a really fun and cute game. I was able to crash it though by standing on a ledge and just letting the toilet paper fall into a heap on the ground below. After 20-30 seconds the game would consistently crash. Course then you’d run into an issue of having to cap the length of the paper, which might be totally fine you’d have to give some thought into gameplay and level design just in case with it. Regardless this was very well done. And it had my name in it, so double points.

  29. ramdom DUDE Says:

    When you press Ctrl and up at the same time and he does a big jump is that a glitch?

  30. goshki Says:

    Just played the game and it’s surprisingly funny. So simple mechanics and yet so unexpected challenges you came up with, Petri. 🙂

  31. Noobos Says:

    I’ve played it, I’ve won it and I liked it! After a while cool original and fun game. Good job. I like the cute, but not complicated story :o), good physics and good… playability. Really great!!!

    Lil’ story of mine (spoiler alert – happyend!):
    Well, I had to go to the toilet (my paper didn’t jump away, thank god) and my character stayed at the end of a cliff (or something like that), he droped tons of toilet paper and the game crushed. It was almost at the end of game, so it was a pity.
    But I played it again, second time it was much easier and I won.

  32. Noobos Says:

    BTW – once I said in comment that I don’t like your games after Rolling boulder (except Bloody Zombies, and of course this) and I was staped out by others. I didn’ť meant it bad, I really like your games, and I return to your web every day to see if there’s something new.

    So keep up the good work! *thumbs up*

  33. Hairy Says:

    Completed it!

    Back in the old days, someone would have a startlingly original idea for a game, and that was enough – we’d say “wow, that’s cool,” and take it as the great entertainment it was. I constantly bemoan the fact that videogames aren’t based on true originality. TP is a brilliant idea, simply executed, without being over-cooked.

    Thanks for a really fun afternoon!

  34. Jay Says:

    game crashes if you let the toilet paper drop too much
    but it was awesome got stuck at a part then it crashed XD

  35. Ian Says:

    got pretty far, but stuck on one level too long ( toilet paper didn’t drop that long) and it still crashed.

  36. th15 Says:

    Finished it, EXCELLENT game Petri. Absolutely fantastic.

  37. Sam Says:

    I loved the game, but I kind of understand what Joe was saying.

    It’s fun having monthly games and stuff… but you’ve basically had us with a carrot on a stick for the last year; hungry for CPD but it never comes. I’m sure you’re working hard… but you could at least give us an update, let us know what it is you still have to get done, just so we at least get a basic idea of how much longer it might be.

  38. Cajon Says:

    Hi Petri,
    congratulations, this games is AWESOME.
    I really like it.
    The only thing that would be nice would be a save feature or a level select.
    Also a level editor would make this game a great hit.

    Thank you for coming up with such great games over and over again.

  39. 0rel Says:

    Wow, amazingly great mechanics!
    At first I was a bit sceptic, why this “banal” collecting mechanics should be fun,
    but then I played and got completely hooked for quite a long time.
    Great puzzles/levels, nice music and good progression!

    The only thing I missed a bit was a save function or a level select screen.
    Just because I didn’t complete it yet (got stuck in the level where you have to climb up by hanging on the the elevator. Just wanted to pause the game there to try it another time). – Anyway, It was very fun, but the positive first impact of the game can turn around when it “forces” you to finish it. The levels were really fun and demanding enough to play much longer than intended, but it shouldn’t perceived as “lost time” or stress to play it to the end.
    10 minutes or so to finish is ok, all above probably needs a save function imho.

    Keep up the good work, such a wonderful collection of unique games!

  40. KosciaK Says:

    Great game! The only thing I miss is ability to save my progress. Or passwords for the levels so I don’t have to start the game from the very beginning.

  41. Noobos Says:

    there is an option not to start from level 1, go to root directory, then to “data”, open “levels.wml” and insert into nuber of level you want to play.

    Piece of cake 😉

  42. Noobos Says:

    But the game takes just few minutes to finish, and also when you play those first levels for the second time you’re much more quickier, really.

  43. not me Says:

    great game

  44. minä Says:

    ;( now im the unhappiest kloonigames fan in the world.the game didnt work with my computer,my dads computer or even on my friends computer!does this even work on XP or olders!?

  45. James Rossi Says:

    Looking at the files this seems very easy to mod. It’s actually very clever how it works too. Level creation is simple enough, getting the interactive elements down is equally intuitive. As long as you don’t change HOW the game works you can edit it quite fully.

  46. Ryan Lutes Says:

    I get an error in command prompt right after the intro screen saying;
    Assertion failed in .\src\box2d\source\collision\Shapes\b2Shape.cpp at line 102
    Any suggestions?

  47. Ryan Clark Says:

    Loved it, Petri! Thanks for the fun… original puzzle games are hard to come by, and ones with humour even more so 🙂

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  49. McWonderBeast Says:

    @BKing: My God that terrible CP Knock off is a joke, you want crappy games produced by people that cant come up with their original game concepts you go right ahead and leave.

    @Everyone Whining about CPD: What is wrong with! is your life so monotonous that all you do is bitch about something you have no control over! Something allot of you over look is petri Makes his games By himself, all these knock offs could plausibly have been made in a week or maybe a month but the people who make them mostly likely work with multiple people.
    and you complaining about the game all the time wont make it get produced any faster. CPD when released will be a huge success, BUT its the amount of time Petri puts into it that makes it so sweet. I understand that you want this game trust me i know all to well the pain you suffer but the fact is life doesnt come with an instant gratification button.

    @Petri: So how are you? any new eventful things occurring in your life?


  50. BKing Says:

    I really enjoyed that “crappy game”. So if you say CPD is even better then it makes it even harder to wait. But you don’t seem to get the reason for playing. I don’t just play games from friends or games from persons I like. I play any game that’s fun. If it’s a rip-off and it’s fun to play too, why not? I also don’t like that they just used his ideas for the game. But CPD just isn’t available. What do you expect me to do? Just not play the flash game on principle? That’s sick! Sorry.

    I don’t think people here are as stupid as you think they are. They know it’s not easy to make those games and they know it’s a lot of work. BUT if we are told to wait sooo long it’s a pain in the ass without ANY news about the current developement progress.
    To be honest I’m guessing it’s not the developement that’s delaying the release. I think it’s negotiations with a company or something. Because this game COULD easily make money and hey, who wouldn’t use the opportunity?

  51. A. Non Says:

    People probably should stop whining about CPD…

    … though to be honest it’d be nice to at least hear an update on how things are going on it.

  52. Eriq Says:

    I always think it’s funny when people think that a developer owes them something. If it’s a software update to a product, then yeah, they have some right, but when it’s something that hasn’t been released, no one has payed for, and is being made by an indie game dev? Fuck no they have no say. I thoroughly enjoyed the game.

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  54. bloodyhoody Says:

    HEY Petri!
    Pretty nice game!
    I’d a lot of fun to play it and probably you to create it 😛

    So I decide do make a little mod. It’s almost finish but I just changed my PC and I need to download some programs to finalise.

    So I think it will be finish for… tonight or maybe tomorrow. I will send you 😛

    Continu your good work and work hard on CPD ’cause we all praying for it 😛

  55. bloodyhoody Says:

    The mod is done : Its an Indiana Jones mod.
    So I change all ( or almost ) but I’ve not finish with my news levels.
    I will send it here faster I can. 🙂

  56. bloodyhoody Says:

    It’s done 😛

    There’s my Indiana Jones Mod of your game :


    Have fun 😛

    BTW : It’s the short version : No more levels, fast making. I will make a real big mod with a lot of levels this week. I will take my time for make the best possible.

    So, it’s like the original game but at the place of Jimmy, it’s Indiana Jones and at the place of the TP, it’s the cristal skull of the last movie !

    Good luck 😛

  57. Indie: Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper | Ripten.com Says:

    […] There’s no way to save your progress and the character movement could be a little tighter–Jimmy skitters a few steps with each tap–but it only takes a couple seconds to download and the physics system is fun to watch. Grab it here! […]

  58. v.dog Says:

    It’s an awesome game, but there’s just two small caveats; 1) there’s no easy way to select a level, and 2) Jimmy seem awfully weak when he pushes it a box- when there’s some TP in front of it, it can be painfully slow to move.

  59. Musickid43 Says:

    Great game Petri. I love it, original idea, but I found a bug that needs to be fixed. If you stand at the edge of a high platform, and let the weight of the TP pull more tp out of your hand, it creates a pile at the bottom of the level. But so far every time I sit there for a couple seconds it reaches the end of the roll and crashes the game. I guess you can’t have more than 256 sheets out at a time. This really hurts in the later levels where I can not go back to where I was. I guess you could either remove the limit, and chance that it won’t overload someones computer, or change the weight of the tp so it won’t pull so much out of his hand.

    Other than that, this is a great game. Keep up the good work.

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  61. MikeK Says:

    Haha! so awesome swinging around from the toilet paper!

    really cool backdrop for the game. fun stuff.

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  63. Zorbo Says:

    CTRL + Up key = high jump

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  67. aj Says:

    can you make it for mac?

  68. Temposaur Says:

    Nice game idea. The level design is a bit too randomish and the difficulty changes between different levels. For being a “minigame” it’s still fun.

    Great work again Petri!

  69. Jimmy's Uncle Says:

    Wonderful game! It make me laugh out loud, the music, Jimmy’s expression, the toilet paper physics, the end game picture. This was so… um… refreshing!

    A save feature would be nice. And if people are going to make more levels, a level set selection menu.

    Great job 😀

  70. F_Slim Says:

    Oh yes, that’s the kind of game I like: very simple, still looking good, includes physics and the puzzles can really make you think hard and make you cry “it’s impossible” and then hit your forehead very hard because the solution is soooo simple and you didn’t see it …
    Great game! 🙂

  71. nobodylistens TO Says:

    i would say this is a greAT GAME BUT SINCE ITS NOT WRKING (IT JUST SOWS LIKE 10% OF THE LEVAL) i cant som1 help me

  72. Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper » Games News and Reviews » Binary Joy Says:

    […] Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper is about a young lad named Jimmy who has, as the title clearly states, lost his toilet paper. In mechanics terms it’s a unique side on platform game with wonderful physics. You have to run around the levels picking up the bog roll and then reaching the exit. As well as picking it up you can use the toilet paper to perform a variety of actions such as swinging like Tarzan or moving heavy crates. […]

  73. Faguss Says:

    Back to experimental ideas Petri?
    Game is interesting. Took almost an hour to complete.

    Save progress? Level selector? This game is too simple for it.
    Many old games don’t have a save option. Where is your experience?

  74. F_Slim Says:

    yeah, many old games didn’t have save-options … and in the old days people didn’t have toilet-paper!

  75. nobodylistens Says:

    y is no 1 listening help me the game is not wrking please som1 just telll how to fix this problem im begging lol

  76. chance Says:


    wow. no one can help you if you don’t give people more info about what is going on.

    you can’t say “waaaaaa! my game won’t work”, and expect everyone to know how to fix it.

  77. Jimmy´s Lost His Toilet Paper « Noseke’s Weblog Says:

    […] Puedes descargarlo aqui […]

  78. Guy Says:

    Lot’s of fun (though now I’m tempted to go TP someone’s house >:D)

    Still, it has been a year since Crayon Physics, 9 months since the announcement of CPD, and 4 months since the last update: I don’t think anyone’s demanding you rush it… but a little post to let us know how far along it is would be nice.

  79. nobodylistens Says:

    kk heres the problem now listen
    i download its fine
    i extract its fine
    i look at all files there all fine
    i open game (it has no icon)
    its shows music and title
    i can see lik a extremely small portion of the level lik the top upper right hand for e.g thats it
    i can here the sounds but cant see anything
    thats the best i can put it now can som1 please help me i really want to enjoy this game lol 🙂

  80. Ian Says:

    …look what i found. maybe you guys should stop whining, he’s obviously a very busy guy, but an update on CPD would be nice.

  81. anon Says:

    Yeah, I think everybody gets that he’s a busy man… I don’t think anyone’s asking him to rush CPD (okay, some are, but nobody likes them :P). I think all anyone’s asking for is an update.

  82. paladin Says:

    Hello, I don’t know why, but when I launch “tp.exe”, I have an error message.
    1) With Windows XP Pro SP2 with DirectX 9.C (4.09.0000.0904), I have the message “Could not create Direct3D Device”.
    2) With DOS Shell (cmd.exe), I have the message ”
    Couldn’t load image: data/gfx/particle.png
    Couldn’t load texture: data/gfx/title_screen.jpg
    “, and I don’t find these files in “data/gfx” !
    What is my mistake please ?

  83. Ryan Lutes Says:

    ^ Paladin’s problem sounds somewhat like the one I posted a while ago, and I have the same system specs as them. Does anyone know the cause of it not being able to load properly?

  84. BryanSays.com | Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper Says:

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  85. josé Says:


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  87. Petri Purho Says:

    @paladin: I think the problem is that you didn’t extract the zip file correctly. You have to extract the zip file so that you’ll get the all subdirectories as well. You know you’ve extracted the zip file correctly when in the games folder you see sub folder called data.

  88. Spunkycomics Says:

    took me three seperate times to beat (once last night, once today at noon and just now)
    But i finally did it! The logic and solution methods got easier the more you played the levels.

    This is definitly one of your best! Keep it up!

  89. Timmy Says:

    Click on my name, new site but bearly anything on it. Petri gotta be near finished or finished by now.

    Can’t wait for “Crayon Physics Deluxe” but I want a release date for it than checking it every day or month

  90. v.dog Says:

    @Timmy: Your site is just a straight rip of this one. While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, that could be considered stealing.

  91. Ian Says:

    Cool Site, but it’s pretty small.
    I don’t see it’s potential, until the game comes out.

  92. Ondřej Cífka Says:

    If you let the toilet paper get too long, the game exits.

  93. lianne Says:

    I’m addicted! And I wrote about it as a cool game in my blog about the digital universe in http://www.foryourreadingpleasure.com


  94. chance Says:


    That’s not a new website. Petri made it awhile ago.

  95. Jonny Says:

    Come on! I know you like doin the monthly stuff but give us SOMETHING! An update, a side note, anything!

  96. nullwert › Klospielung Says:

    […] mit dem peinlichen Stück Klopapier, das einem an der Hacke klebt. Kloonigames hat nun ein Spiel daraus gemacht: Jimmy zieht aber gleich die ganze Rolle Klopapier hinter sich her – also heisst es: […]

  97. Timmy Says:

    LOL I WAS ONLY JOKING HAHAHAHA v.dog, Ian And Chance.

  98. navalguijo Says:

    Greeeeeat as always

    for all of you that want to have a level selector (For those who can´t pass trough a level) i can tell you it is VEEEEERY easy to crack the levels.xml 😉

    Anyway i think it is better if you try to get trough the game… 😉

  99. hiddenman Says:

    hey how come no one ansewered my probleem to my message ???

    yay 100th comment

  100. Bmud Says:

    First post after 100! 😀 This is wicked entertaining, and really hard!

  101. Scientist Says:

    Wow, you got a lot of comments here! Great GAME!

  102. v.dog Says:

    I’ve created a basic level-loader batch script so you can jump to any level you’d like.
    to install:
    1. Right click on the link above and click Save-as
    2. Place the batch file in your TP directory (the same level as the tp.exe)
    3. Double click to run it
    4 Enjoy. 🙂

    Feedback is most welcome. 🙂

  103. v.dog Says:

    Sorry, that was an older version.
    download this one:

  104. Swoo Says:

    Sorry v.dog, but it doesn’t seem to work…

    When I double click your bat file, I’ve got a small DOS box that opens extremely briefly (with sometimes nothing written; sometimes with something like “the syntax of the command is incorrect”). I have tried the two versions of your file, none worked properly.

    But, when it is supposed to work, what would normally happen when I double click on tp_launcher.bat? Should the game start with a new menu to select levels?

    Or should we launch ourselves tp.exe after double-clicking on launcher_tp.bat and then press some key to open the menu when in game?

    Thanks for your effort, anyway! 🙂

  105. Fan having fun Says:

    A big thank you to Petri for his great presentation at Assembly 2008. 45 minutes is definitely too short time for hippie developer-stories 🙂

  106. v.dog Says:

    Ah crap. Either Mediafire or the browsers are changing the character set. >:(
    Here it is in a zip file, along with a readme.txt:

    @Swoo: just double click the TP_launcher. It will ask you for a level number and then launch the game for you.

  107. Swoo Says:

    Thanks for this answer, v.dog (and sorry Petri if I’m not really talking about TP directly) but it still doesn’t work…

    It may be me, but I would rahter think it’s mediafire.com

    Both WinRAR and 7-Zip cannot extract your zip file. The 1st one says the file is empty; the 2nd one says the format is not a correct format.

    I have opened the zip file with an hexa editor and found a note about mediafire. I then believe this site has done I-don’t-know-what to your file but that made it unusable. I would even think your first version is completely correct but that it was corrupted by mediafire.

    I would advise you to use another free uploading site like http://www.megaupload.com/. I know this one works for sure! If your file works, we will then know the problem was coming from mediafire and not from the file itself. 😉

  108. Ian Says:

    thanks v.dog
    worked perfectly for me, (using the zip file one)

  109. v.dog Says:

    @Swoo: That’s weird- I used 7zip myself. I was worried about compatibility, but I’ve tested it using XP’s own compressed folder function, and it extracted just fine.

    I don’t think it’s MF either. Ian got it OK, and I’ve just downloaded it on to another PC from there and it’s fine. Just in case, here’s a RapidShare link:
    (I never got MUL’s activation email.)

    What are you using to download the file?
    What’s your OS?
    Who is your ISP, and in what country?

  110. v.dog Says:

    I’ve updated TP_launcher with a few optimizations to make it load faster, and stop it from fragmenting your drives (the old version would create files and then delete them, this one simply alters the content). 🙂


  111. Petri Purho Says:

    @v.dog: Your links aren’t working. You can’t directly link to the files on mediafire.com, because they don’t want you doing that. It works for a while, but then they change the links. So instead of providing a direct link, please provide the link that the mediafire.com gives you.

    Or use something like http://www.willhostforfood.com/ since they support direct linking.

  112. v.dog Says:

    Oh, OK. I tested them and they worked at the time. 😮

    Here you go:

  113. v.dog Says:

    @all those who are getting errors saying that the game couldn’t see the graphics files:
    Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date.

    If you don’t know what card you have, go into the Start Menu, click ‘Run…’ and type in DXDIAG (it’s not case sensitive). click the ‘Display’ tab and it will tell you your card make, model and current driver version.

    Once you know what you have, Google can find your drivers.

    I had this problem on my notebook, and I knew it wasn’t the zip as I used the same file on my PC with no issues.

    I also installed the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable ( http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=9b2da534-3e03-4391-8a4d-074b9f2bc1bf&displaylang=en ) to get Choke on my Groundhog working, so that may have helped too.

  114. Hemuli Says:

    The game doesn’t seem to work for me.
    The toilet paper just drops out of the screen and the game crashes.
    The only button that does anything is space that restarts the level.

  115. OSS it Says:

    Yeah I’d love to fix your bugs but your code is not available, your source code is not free. Why even bother hiding your implementation?

    Why use a non-open source license when if you did you might get people porting your game to other platforms.

  116. v.dog Says:

    I’ve replaced the launcher batch files with a simple (and more efficient) exe that can be configured for different Klooni games:

    There are versions pre-configured for TP and Groundhog
    You can get them from: http://tinyurl.com/5ekbkw

  117. Websites tagged "box2d" on Postsaver Says:

    […] – Adrian Reber: Numptyphysics saved by blackbird2008-08-10 – Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper saved by […]

  118. Tom Hall Says:

    Absolutely Great!!!!
    I love yor game Petri!

  119. Sean Says:

    Fantastic game, unique idea. This is one of the best independent games I’ve seen. Seriously, port this to the iPhone and make some money!

    Also, it crashed for me as well. For anyone wanting to get back to the level they crashed on, just edit levels.xml in the tp dir. Find the jumpTo block and put in the index of the level you crashed on. Restart the game and you will start on the correct level.

  120. v.dog Says:

    Or you can just use my level launcher. 🙂

  121. Moktar Says:

    Many thanks for this game. It is really funny. I hope you’ll give us more levels as soon as possible ^^
    Good job

  122. Rene Says:

    please note: standing on high grounds with “falling” (=generating) TP the game will crash after some time – maybe something like an overflòw?

  123. Collection de Ploupades » Ah quand même. Says:

    […] (Aujourd’hui, pour cause d’image flippante au début de l’article, pas d’image débile. Mais ça.) […]

  124. Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper 1.0.1 « Le gratuits du net Says:

    […] Telecharger […]

  125. eedok Says:

    Could not create Direct3D Device 🙁

  126. StaindK Says:

    Hey, just wanted to say, Great game, and along with that, great other games too…

    As soon as I entered the game, one of the PS3’s most long-awaited, most-anticipated games comes to mind: the mindlessly cute beings in LittleBigPlanet… and I’ve been thinking you might want to check out on their site for stuff, you know, to help them with, because i know you are a very capable programmer and have loads of funny and creative ideas to come.

    (Link: http://www.littlebigplanet.com/ )

  127. Jimmy´s Lost His Toilet Paper | Kostenlose Spiele Spielen Says:

    […] Homepage | Download | OS: Windows (Noch keine Bewertung)  Loading … Arcade, Downloads, Windows | addthis_url = location.href; addthis_title = document.title; addthis_pub = ‘currios’; Schreib uns doch ein Kommentar […]

  128. Wicke Says:

    Good game. Some levels are quite hard.

    I found a bug. The game always crashes for some kind of overflow. Just allow paper flow enough and then it crashes…

  129. Zbyszek Pipir Says:

    I just modded it a bit XD you can download modded version here http://wyslijto.pl/plik/yauydgdm4z . Enjoy ;]

  130. IndieBird’s Lair » Blog Archive » Indie Game Alert Says:

    […] for Petri Purho starting Kloonigames, I would have never started this blog. His release of Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper is what inspired me to start my own monthly game development. Tomorrow, he’s releasing a […]

  131. Ondřej Cífka Says:

    I’ve made some levels for the game. You can download them here: http://ondra.cifka.com/strana/programming/tplevels.php?setlang=en

  132. Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper - er det sjovt? at Speccy Dreams Says:

    […] stuerent spil med toiletpapir er vidst ikke set før. Men Petri har faktisk lavet et rigtigt godt et af slagsen. Man spiller Jimmy, som liige skal have rullet toiletpapiret op, inden han kan komme på tønden. […]

  133. Dabert Says:

    do you guys have a recommendation section, i’d like to suggest some stuff

  134. Dag Says:

    Does anyone else have any experience with this?

  135. Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper « M_the_C Says:

    […] Lost His Toilet Paper is available to download from it’s page on the Kloonigames site and it takes up a minuscule 5.9MB, I heartily recommend you give it a […]

  136. BuyViagra Says:

    yes! do you speak english? 🙂

  137. Varkrath Says:

    short game. i couldn’t figure out a couple of levels. i cheated with ctrl+up at the same time gives you a super jump. From the looks of it, this game is using the Box2D physics like CPD does. And, like CPD, i got the toilet paper to “rip” through objects. In CPD you can get rope to go through objects if you use enough weight. On the last level of Jimmy’s TP you can run towards the TP as soon as the level starts and jump off the edge while holding onto the TP and viola, glitch. If perti or someone wants me to take a screen shot or make a video of this, i can. This could be another Kloonigames great given some more love and devotion. i hate that the tp keeps falling off of the ledges. perhaps holding onto the tp could be a toggle instead of having to hold the button?

  138. Shanda Says:

    I usually don

  139. bananasplit Says:

    I got my Nintendo Dsi in black, but now I regret taking the black one.

  140. Arty Says:

    Quite fun.. except for two really, really, really annoying things: the twangy irritating music and the slushy controls.

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