SM Word

A week ago I wrote that I’d take a small from break from monthly games. Well, I lied. Here’s the my newest game (let’s call it an off-season game).

The game was done for TIGSource’s B-game Competition.

SM Word

Screenshot of SM Word Screenshot of SM Word Screenshot of SM Word

The game requires a microphone to play it.

Download (1,0 Mb) (Release 1)

You have to type in the phrase “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” over and over and over again. Every time you finish the sentence you get points.

When an error message pops up you have to close it by shouting (preferably cursing) and banging your keyboard with your fists.

Eventually the error messages will spawn so numerously that the program crashes and you’ll be scored on your performance.

Alt + enter – Will toggle fullscreen.
Esc – Will quit the game.
Alt + F4 – Will quit the game.


Game Design, Code & Gfx: Petri Purho ( petri.purho (at) )

Inspiration source: Experimental Gameplay Project.

SM Word uses: SDL, SDL_Image and BASS.

283 Responses to “SM Word”

  1. Decipher Says:

    Pff, have you really felt like doing this? 🙂
    It’s the best worst game I’ve ever played! Really cute and nice.

  2. sefe Says:

    I don t get it

  3. Stuart P. Bentley Says:

    I love the concept, although the execution could have been improved (You have to type random keys to make the windows fade out before they fade back in?)

  4. petri.purho Says:

    @Decipher: This is exactly how I feel about a certain word processing software 😀

    @sefe and

    You did understand that you need use your microphone and shout to it, to close the windows?

  5. Jae Says:

    haha, very funny.
    My dad came in and ask why I was so angry…but it was just this.

  6. Tracy Says:


    I don’t remember the last time I checked your blog for games, but oh wow, after several weeks of my own personal busy-crap, I arrived to see — wow! — a game a little like my last few weeks! hahahahahah!

    Thanks for the big belly laugh. I’ll play it as soon as folks aren’t sleeping nearby. It sounds like a great concept, petri.

    @ Jae: I’m still laughing at your story, heh


  7. petri.purho Says:

    @Jae: That seems to happen quite often. My sister was visiting my place when I was working on the game. She became also quite curious of what I was doing when I was testing the game.

    @Tracy: Always nice to hear from you. I hope you “enjoyed” the game.

  8. localGhost Says:

    Can’t play it just now but it already made me laugh, thanks! 😀

  9. Exilberliner Says:

    At first I thought it was just a lame-ass excuse for a game like the bottle of whine i gave my flatmate for her birthday was a lame-ass excuse for a present (or a whine), but this game made me laugh after about the third attemp to write a correct sentence.

    I like that’s the only game i know of which uses the mircophone for input in a very plausible way.

    This time there is nothing to say about the graphics, but i like the messages.

  10. Bleh Says:

    This is absolutely amazing. Just awesome, keep it up.

  11. Ninja Says:


  12. AROAH Says:

    I think it’s not working right for me. It seems as though as long as I don’t make any noise: the windows go away, but if I DO yell: the windows multiply.

  13. Oyunlar1 Says:

    Thank you

  14. Henkka Says:

    Ei helvetti 😀 oudoin peli jota oon ikinä pelannu…

  15. Stefan Noack Says:


    (this game is very exhausting)

    and i just realized that the sound that my keyboard makes when banging on it is already loud enough (old style mechanical switches!)

  16. binguin Says:

    Why can’t I always delete when I make a typo?. It is very frustrating.

  17. boyama oyunları Says:

    Why can’t I always delete when I make a typo?. It is very frustrating.