Day 7: It’s here

[X] Crayons [X] Physics [X] Deluxe

All items have been checked off. Crayon Physics Deluxe is now available!

Also the Playground (which hosts user generated levels) is now open for the public.

The demo will be posted in couple of hours.

201 Responses to “Day 7: It’s here”

  1. Weston Says:

    HELL YEAH!!!

  2. Chance Says:

    And we got an update? Release 51! Can’t wait to see the bugs it fixes.

  3. Pepijn B Says:

    Congratulations =D

  4. Tayron Says:

    YEAAAAAAAAAH! gr8 job m8:) hope you’ll still be doing prototypes after this:) it would be a waste if you didn’t:)

  5. Darren Lacey Says:

    Congrats on getting all the ticks filled, I have the iphone version but its the PC one I am gunning for… in a good way that is:)


  6. lyinawake Says:

    Congratulations Petri! It’s been a long time coming, but you have delivered a stunning product that puts the clones to shame!

    Now, what’s your next $20k submission to the IGF going to be???

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  8. Koira Says:

    Finaly it’s here! thou I must say 20$ is pretty high on price… 10$ would work a lot better.

  9. Chance Says:

    @Koira: Most PC games are $50 so…. $20 is a petty standard price for Indie games (like WOG).

  10. gumugmu Says:


    Where did you get Release 51? The download link I have still gives Release 50…:(

  11. gumugum Says:

    Nevermind the game updated itself…I wonder if it’s possible to download an updated installer though…

  12. JoANX Says:

    Good lord at last!!!
    plz post the demo!!
    i wanna play it!
    and i wanna buy it!
    but i have to wait for money though T_T
    but well
    plz the demoo

  13. Chance Says:

    @gumugmu: I got it in an update, not from my download link. I downloaded release 50 last week from the link, but today I got an update.

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  15. Nicolas Says:

    Sounds like a GREAT game. Bought my copy on Dec 25th, still haven’t received any emails whatsoever, be it a “secret key” or even a beta download. Being patient but I’m getting a little restless.

  16. petri.purho Says:

    Nicolas, email me at and let me know what was the email address you used to buy the game from paypal. I’ll get back to you with the download link.

  17. JoANX Says:

    deemo deemo deemo deemo deemo XD
    sorry i’m anxious! XD

  18. petri.purho Says:

    I’m compiling the demo on old bastard, it’s going to take a while 🙂

  19. Pat1960 Says:

    I bought it yesterday…. where can i get it, where can i get it????
    I’d like to play to….

  20. JoANX Says:

    hah old bastard! Nice name! i got a whole generation of them myself, then i know how long it takes that process, i experienced myself that! Sorry about the pressure XD
    Current generation of mine is a teenager pc , she’s (yeah, is a she XD) the granddaughter of the CrankyCan I (an 286 old model, my first pc ever!) and daughter of CrapGirl II (pentium 2 win95) the current one is CrapGirl GTII XD

    well enough of that! i just write it to spend some time meanwhile old bastard compiles XD
    and petri… take a break when you can, i bet you’ll need it

  21. Meh Says:

    Hey if you want to make real money one word. “Steam”
    You should get your game up for sale on steampowered i am sure it will do well there.
    best of luck to ya.

  22. M2tias Says:

    Hey, if I remember correctly you’re using SDL and Box2D, right? So it should be portable w/o a big hassle. Could we get one? I might actually buy this even though, I don’t spend much money on games. 🙂
    I really liked the first version!

  23. andreas Says:

    dammit old bastard. you are taking forever!

  24. Bilbob Says:

    I would buy it if there was a Mac version!!

  25. Says:

    Awesome. Dugg. ( )

  26. Teemu A Says:

    Congrats Petri!

  27. Mavi Says:

    Hello Petri, will it be available through Steam? It would be great, I want it on Steam soooo much, there are so many indie games like world of goo etc… I want to have it on my Steam account, pleaseee, Petri, settle with them, you will make more money too :c))

  28. Alex Vostrov Says:

    Congratulations Petri on releasing a very charming game! I look forward to playing it once I have some time. Your work is very inspiring; I wish that I thought of something as clever as this.

  29. Sophism Says:

    I “pre-ordered” it early January 6th as well, and still haven’t received a key or link or anything of the sort. I e-mailed you yesterday with my PayPal information, including the Transaction ID.

  30. chewi Says:

    Hey, guys, what the installer’s size of release 51 ?

  31. admin Says:

    Demo is available:

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  33. dcat Says:

    ugh! i got a mac, but still i bought the pc version! pity i couldn’t manage to run it in a virtual machine.. i will try later..
    if ever a mac version will come out, could we mac users who bought the game for pc use the same activation key? just like world of goo.. with one buy you could have both pc and mac versions..

    thank you very much petri for the effort! great game!

  34. Icekirby96 Says:

    Yes! Now all I have to do is convince my parents to buy this for me! 😀

  35. admin Says:

    @dcat: Yes you can use the same key to download the mac version once the it’s done. (I can refund your order if you can’t get the game to work).

  36. gidin Says:

    Je ne suis plus un gamin ( 76 ans ) j’adore ce que vous venez de réaliser, un jeu qui vous change de tous ces jeux existants depuis la nuit des temps.

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  38. Smar Says:

    Don’t really want to use Paypal…

  39. jarjar Says:

    Hey guys,

    love the game BTW, but I was wondering, is there any possible way to draw straight lines? I’m trying to draw rectangles and they all come out looking like deformed mushrooms (okay, not quite that bad). Just wondering if there’s a keyboard key that when held, allows you to make straight lines or perfect angles, etc. etc.?

  40. jarjar Says:

    oh, and I’m not using a Tablet, I’m using a mouse so the precision of creating things likes rectangles and triangles is a little more awkward than it would be using a tablet.

  41. CBen Says:


    I think you have forgot how widely pirated WOG is!

    I also think that the price is a bit on the steep side for both WOG and crayon physics deluxe

  42. Chance Says:

    @CBen: If you don’t want to support Indie games then go ahead and pirate this game. You don’t even need to since there is no DRM in it. That alone is worth $20. If you buy the game you can put it on all your computers.

  43. Chance Says:

    @Smar: PayPal is the most widely used, secure, and respected payment option on the internet. If you don’t trust PayPal than you can’t trust any site. They are the most respectable.

    @jarjar: That will soon happen in the Level Editor, but not in the real game. It kind of ruins the idea behind the game (drawing with a crayon).

    @dcat: The game works perfectly on Mac with wine.

    @Nicolas: Make sure you are checking the email that you use with PayPal. It is sent to your PayPal account email address. If not then go to this site:

  44. Markus Merz | Hamburg St. Georg Says:

    FYI: I am getting a authentification dialog box from Twitter API here

    It does not show up when JavaScript is disabled.
    It does not show up when external cookies are disabled.

    I think it has to do with the JavaScript calling the Twitter box in the sidebar.

  45. dcat Says:

    @admin: no problem, i’ll get that old windows xp cd out i buried years ago… 😉

    @chance: thank you very much, gonna try it now with wine.. i used an old version of vmware fusion…

  46. dcat Says:

    @CBen: man, see your purchase as a ethics thing.. if you want to support a certain scene, well it’s worth.
    i bought both CPD and WOG. i’m proud of it! behind these kind of games there is only a small number of people and no corporation, no DRM people, no ads, no industrial production, no CEOs… you’re buying hard work and sweat of a few good and talented indie programmers!

  47. Smar Says:

    Chance: Paypal isn’t a bank.

  48. CBen Says:

    @chance & dcat

    I wasn’t saying I was going to pirate the game, just that I read somewhere that approx 90% of people have pirated WOG.
    Haha Yeah the lack of drm makes me want me want to buy this more (definitely unlike ea’s new policies)!

    Anyway after playing the demo and the original I think I know where I will be spending my student loan 🙂 although I still think $20 is steep (damn exchange rates)

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  50. Koira Says:

    @Chance: $20 is a petty standard price for Indie games (like WOG). .. -the price is not too high for me but I was just saying that 10$ would work a lot better than 20$ because its a bit too high for the masses and that’s why it makes people to pirate it.

  51. Chance Says:

    @Smar: Actually PayPal is a bank.

  52. Christian Says:

    This is so great! The demo was a blast (should consist of mixed levels from later islands though – so everyone gets addicted ;). Congratulations! Great release!

  53. Indie Vault » Blog Archive » Crayon Physics Deluxe Says:

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  54. Carol Says:

    Would like to buy a site licence for our school. I cannot find a direct email or link to the developer. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  55. ARme Says:

    I hope one day I could say something similar 🙂

  56. xgamer Says:

    Jeux vid

  57. jeuxmaniac Says:

    Jeux vid