Crayon Physics Deluxe Gameplay Update

It’s update time and I’ve added a lot of replay value to the game.

First off all, you can now watch replays of your solutions. Second off all, I’ve doubled the amount of stars in the game.

You can now get a second star for each level if you complete the level in couple different ways (Hole in one, Old School and Awesome). I hope that this will satisfy those looking for more challenge in the game.

There are also a lot of minor tweaks and bug fixes which (check out the changelog). You can read here how to update the game.

32 Responses to “Crayon Physics Deluxe Gameplay Update”

  1. Chance Says:

    I wonder what “Old School” and “Awesome” are? Anyways this is a great update and a changelog is always nice.

  2. jackphelps Says:

    awesome awesome awesome! can you explain exactly how the game defines each of those (hole in one, old School and awesome)? can you get them simultaneously with one solution, or only one point at a time??

  3. petri.purho Says:

    Borrowed this from the forums 🙂

    1) “Elegant” (means drawing only one line, not clicking the ball)
    2) “Old school” (not clicking the ball, drawing no pins)
    3) “Awesome” (you can mark any solution you do as awesome, it’s up to you because there’s no way to write an algorithm that can detect awesomeness consistently 🙂 The point of awesome solutions is to do over complicated or artistic solutions).

    You can combine them all in one solution for some of the levels, but you can also do the separately.

  4. hetong_007 Says:

    i like it

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  6. LogR Says:

    Il like the concept of the Old School style. Actually I have been trying for a while to play with a smartboard (I think it could be even better than with a tablet PC), since my school has one which isn’t being used. But I forgot to bring cables… But for some reason I’m playing with the prototype again, some kind of nostalgia I think, or a feeling of becoming a hardcome gamer (no, just kidding).
    Actually I think I would rate as awesome the solutions which can be used with the prototype. But you never know when you find another awesome solution, that’s what it’s great to be able to remove the awesomest solution. I didn’t notice at first, however, how to replay my solutions and to rate them. Maybe you should add some color to the title.
    Can’t wait for the next updates! I hope this will convince hesitant gamers about what’s the game is about now.

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  8. Heegu Says:

    Vähän offtopiccia, mutta onnittelut lehtiin pääsystä! 🙂

  9. Sasha Pokhvalin Says:

    I’d like to try your wonderful game on my iPhone, but unfortunately for some reasons it isn’t distributed through Russian app store. I’d like to know when possible it will be available?

    I don’t know who is this decision to make but there’re plenty of people here who’d probably be interested in it.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  10. Chance Says:

    @Sasha Pokhvalin: You would have to contact the iPhone version developer, Hudson.

  11. Heather Toivonen Says:

    can i get this for me/ my kids 2 play on a mac….?????!!!! pls bear in mind i am not computer savvy 🙁

  12. bill Says:

    Unkind!! I just downloaded, purchased and installed last week. Friday night, I had three problems remaining before I had 80 stars! I launched Crayon Physics and it asked if I wanted to update. I updated, and then finished my three problems… only to find that I now need 120 stars to get to the next island!!

    Well if I haven’t already gotten my money’s worth, I will now! 🙂

  13. Darklink Says:

    Are there any differences between the computer version and the iphone version?

  14. Chance Says:

    @Darklink: Well to start it is on a phone, which means it is hard to draw. It is an extremely laggy game with a terrible frame rate (like 5 fps on my phone). There are only 50 levels in the iPhone game. The level editor only has pins, no rockets string game pins or force. You can’t share your levels, or download others. This means that once you beat the game, there is nothing else to do. With the PC version you can just download other levels when your done.

  15. Darklink Says:

    Okay, next question.
    Is the iPhone version worth it?

  16. Chance Says:

    It’s worth getting. It is better than touch physics and the other similar apps. If you don’t have the game for PC then defiantly get it for iPhone.

  17. tribecards Says:

    I agree! Worth the 20 bucks! The thing about the ‘awesome’ rating is that you can mark ANY of your successes as awesome, so even your dumbest ones can be awesome if you so choose. It was a lot of fun trying to go back and get the ‘other’ solution for the puzzles. I often got the ‘old school’ but had to go back and try for the ‘elegant.’ Some of those levels are nearly impossible for the ‘one object’ solution, which makes it fun and frustrating.

  18. esbium Says:

    I would love to buy this game if there was a mac version!! Looks awesome!

  19. Aluajala Says:

    Awesome I learned about crayon physics project last year but decided to wait for deluxe version to come so that I could buy the sweetest game. Finally it happened – you released it!
    I wrote a short review of it on my blog so that I won’t lose the link to your site again.
    Keep up the great work and I will look forward for more wonderful games!

  20. Knurv Says:

    Hm, I wonder what exactly is meant by “pins” in “… but you can draw pins and erase” in the description of “elegant solutions”?

  21. Prem Says:

    One issue that I have had with replays…they seem to be incredibly slow…you are often sitting there for several minutes before you see anything happen. Perhaps there is a way to determine algorithmically when nothing useful is happening (nothing is moving at all) and skip over those parts?

  22. Chance Says:

    @Knurv: Uhh, it means you can draw pins of course! Pins are the little circles. It’s saying you can draw as many of those as you like.

  23. Dennis Gaskill Says:

    I ordered Crayon Physics on January 27, 2009 and we have not received it yet! It is now February 27, 2009—What’s the hold up—-I’ve already paid for it!

    Please respond!

  24. HELPER Says:

    try calling the customer service of the place or site u ordered from…
    The shipping might be delayed for some reason
    u have not verifed the shipment order
    the postman might have put it in someone elses mail box
    u didnt order it

  25. dawn Says:

    thank you for your game,from a china big boy who said goodbye to himself long time ago.

  26. dawn Says:

    i means i find i have lost myself when i did’t do a lot things without innovation.

  27. TN Says:

    Fantastic Contraption is much, much….much better.

  28. Elisse Says:

    Its so hard the get the second star :O i need to try harder *faints* 😛

  29. Elisse Says:

    oh and how do u download other peoples levels? i tried to download in the playground but when its done its just a picture -_-

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