Crayon Physics Deluxe Demo and FAQ

It's here! Crayon Physics Deluxe is doneYesterday the full version of Crayon Physics Deluxe was released for the PC with a bit of cryptic blog post. So I thought I’d answer some of your burning questions by providing a demo and a FAQ.

So yes, Crayon Physics Deluxe is finally here. You can go and buy it for 20$ from here. Or you can download the demo and give it a test.

There’s been a lot of questions going around about the game so I though this would be a good place to go through some of them. It’s sorta like a quick FAQ about the game.


What are the system requirements of the game

Windows XP / Vista
1 GHZ or faster CPU,
512 MB or more RAM,
DirectX 9.0
3D card with 128 MB of texture memory

When in doubt, you can try the demo to see if it runs on your system.

Is there a Mac / Linux port

Unfortunately not at this moment. I’m planning of doing these as soon as I’m done with the PC version of the game, but I can’t promise anything at this point.

I bought the game but I didn’t get my download link

Check your spam and if you can’t find anything try this tool: If that doesn’t work email me at and I’ll get back to you with your lost email.


The quickest way to get help is to go the forums. You can also email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

271 Responses to “Crayon Physics Deluxe Demo and FAQ”

  1. aaawww Says:

    Is there a feature/combination catalogue? I’ve played trough half game before discovering that line between joint became ropes.

  2. JoANX Says:

    Thanks for the demo petri, i will soon buy the game 😀

  3. Sophism Says:

    The tool says it couldn’t find my address. I’m waiting for a response on the e-mail I sent you yesterday. I was charged just fine and PayPal sent me a receipt of the transaction. (I quoted the Transaction ID on my e-mail.)

  4. Sophism Says:

    Hm, that’s weird. I checked my next credit card invoice, and it doesn’t list the transaction. But PayPal lists it as Completed.

  5. Ninja Says:

    There is a homebrew game inspired by Crayon Physics also on the nintendo ds.

    However, acquiring it is through “not very legal” means. And that project sleeping now BTW.

  6. ROuNIN Says:

    Congratulations! All you hard work has paid off!

  7. Álmos Says:

    The demo version works perfectly on linux with wine 🙂

  8. sgb Says:

    This is great – I’ll buy a copy as soon as it works on Mac.

  9. Jose Says:

    Beautiful game, i love this 😛

  10. Matt L. Says:

    Just to reiterate, when you make either a DS or Wii version of this game I WILL buy a second copy. Actually in that case I might buy TWO more copies, one for my Wii and one for my parents. Lol, get to work game making slave! Do my bidding. Wha!ha!ha!ha!

    What? I’m not insane…just a little unbalanced.

  11. Demo Ahoy: Try Crayon Physics Deluxe « Independently Speaking Says:

    […] A demo is now available for all those of you who haven’t decided yet whether to put pen to Paypal. […]

  12. Chance Says:

    If the game does eventually come out on Steam, will I be able to use my code to get it on Steam too? I hate to buy the game twice but I would love it on my Steam account.

  13. andreas Says:

    The demo runs great on the Mac using Crossover.
    I was even able to Save/Load a map without any problems what so ever.


  14. Rexedead Says:

    Thats GREAT! Thanks You!! But how i can combine old levels with a new crayon physics?
    I mean this levels: Cama Level Pack, Hippo Levels, PCH Level Pack, Tayron Level Pack and others from

  15. Chance Says:

    @Rexedead: You can’t play levels from the prototype Crayon Physics in CPD. But there are tons of user created levels on the Crayon Physics Playground.

  16. Affansajid Says:

    what a game to start of the year.
    everyone had been waiting for so long.
    if petri makes more full games of his prototypes it would be the best.

    good job petri all the work has finally paid off.

  17. Sqoon Says:

    The game wouldn’t even work right on a console anyway. Just like with World of Goo, I couldn’t possibly imagine using a joystick to play, and the Wii Remote pointer isn’t steady enough for drawing.

  18. Erikk Vieg Says:

    Just played for the first time…

    A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! G O O D J O B ! ! !

    Will buy soon!!

  19. JL Says:

    Wait, how do you make a rope?

  20. lamestass Says:

    I hope when the game goes online, these mouse paths located in \data\recordings\temp
    (created by the user while drawing on the Islands) don’t go right into Kloonigames’ arms!

    That’d be creepy and not good!

  21. Mike K Says:

    I just beat Crayon Physics Deluxe. What a rewarding experience. I felt so cool to create solutions to the puzzles. Fantastic game, so worth the mere 20$.

  22. Rexedead Says:

    @Chance Says
    ok. Thanks for answers. Now could be download maps from

  23. Francesco Says:

    at last!
    as soon as I can get my son away from the demo, I’ll buy it!
    thanks, you deserve every possible succes with this game

  24. damda Says:

    what about Windows Mobile?

  25. Jake Says:

    prepare to be slammed by PA, since Mike liked it. It is a fantastic game, well worth the buy.

  26. Nathaniel Says:

    Great demo, but I have to hold off on purchase until it comes out on Steam. Sorry, it’s the only way I buy games.

  27. Ronaldo Says:

    Hi guys i’m from brazilian, I have 26 yo and recently graduate in game designer.
    Me and my 2 friends with same age, played for some hours your game.
    Is completly amazing!!!
    Your visual and physics!
    I Will buy soon!!

  28. Will Jessop Says:

    I’ll buy a copy if you release a Mac version.

  29. ole j Says:

    Maybe make a mail notification when/if the linux/mac port is done?

  30. ole j Says:

    “Sorry, it’s the only way I buy games.”

  31. David Says:

    This needs to be on iPhone!!

  32. Says:

    Put me down for Windows Mobile as well. I’d gladly pay for it again. 🙂

    @David: it already is-

  33. h16 Says:

    At last Deluxe came out. I bought it right away. Thank you. My kids will be playing this game like mad, I’m sure (they loooooved the first edition).

    And to be honest, my wife & I will be playing too 😉

  34. Dan Says:

    Is there any way other then paypal to get the PC version? I’m pretty paranoid about giving those people my credit card number.

  35. Dave Says:

    Count my vote in for a Mac version – I’ll definitely buy it if ported for the Mac. I might not be able to wait though, so I might just give in and buy it for PC first, then for Mac once it’s out. =)

  36. Mike Says:

    Pity that the Mac version is not yet available. I hope it will happen soon. Please?

  37. NickT Says:

    Mac version would be great!

  38. Tomas Soto Says:

    As a treacher of freshman physics, this would be great. But, also at a school where all the students get Macbooks, we’ll have to wait!

  39. John Says:

    mac mac mac mac mac maaaa-aaaaaccccc….

  40. huttERic Says:

    Did i understand that correctly? The iPhone port has the same levels as the PC version?

  41. Leif Arne Storset Says:

    The software works _almost_ perfectly on Linux with Wine, so a port may be easier than you think. The only problems I had were persistent audio stuttering (so I had to switch off the beautiful music) and no fullscreen view.

  42. Clint Kolyer Says:

    Just listened to you on npr. Again with a Mac request I would pay $39.95. We mac people often pay more for software.

    Thanks Clint

  43. Terry Schmitt Says:

    I’m a Mac person. This would be a great game for the Mac. I realize you are an independent producer and it took you twenty months to do this, so I’m not optimistic that you can port it to Mac soon. But I do wish you would. The graphics would make so much more sense on a Mac, too.

  44. Candy Apple Says:

    No matter how cool your creation some people are just never satisfied….me included! This thing is so Mac. What were you thinking building this for….dare I say it…..PCs? I’ll chime in with the rest,j if you build it I will buy it and I haven’t even downloaded the demo yet (on my work computer that is).

    Any mac types tried it on with CrossOver yet? I have to go email this link to my friend, his kids will love this. Please email me when Mac version is done.

  45. Oomu Says:

    I so want a MAC version of it !

    it seems really like something apple should have done and put in a mac from start.

    I would pay ! I will use it with a wacom, I totally want it. pretty pleaaaase

  46. Alan Says:

    Sorry but I can’t buy it if theres is not a MAC version.

    What a shame I really wanted to play it…..

  47. Adrian Says:

    Yay! I have been waiting for this! I hope you make plenty of money off of this, as it is a wonderful game!

  48. bkitty Says:

    Too bad it’s not for Mac. I’d buy it in a heartbeat! Been looking for something fun to use with my Wacom tablet! sigh. alas.

  49. Bullo Says:

    Great game man!

    Buyed! I had the preview version, downloaded the demo and it was fantastic. Great job!

  50. luckychucky Says:

    You should produce this for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii!!!!!

  51. Will Says:

    For all of you calling for a Mac version; do you realize how much work that can be?

    Do you realize that the developer might not even own a Mac? You want him to buy
    a new development machine? Get a copy of BootCamp and be done with it.

    Just played the demo (on my PC!) and it rocks. Fantastic work!

  52. Somebody with sense Says:

    I love the game and I will definitely NOT be buying it if it comes out on Mac.
    Don’t give in to all this pressure, some whiners are never satisfied

  53. wh Says:

    bought! thanks!

  54. Dustin Says:

    Horray!!! Attention MAC users!!!! Just wanted everyone to know that if you have VMware and a copy of Windows, the new VMware patch does support the 3D Graphics. I have it running right now on my MAC.

  55. Jason Says:

    I waited so long for this but when I install I get an error report through windows, any ideas???

  56. Paul Says:

    You really should do a Windows Mobile port. The Windows Mobile touch phones with (and without) stylus are an obvious platform for this great game.

  57. hetong_007 Says:

    I love this game!

  58. m Says:

    we heard about this on NPR and were so excited to try the demo. Only got a black screen and music! wish we could get the demo to work on our computer!

  59. Mac Fanboy Says:


    Hindsight being 20-20, of course, if you’d developed this in Flash it wouldn’t be an issue… 🙂

    (Yes, I’m an Adobe Fanboy too)

  60. Marc Says:

    I would like to see the game on XBOX Live Arcade or PSN. Why just the PC? The game “Braid” proved that the consoles are a good plattform for independent games. But thanx for the great for anyways! I am looking forward to see the game on steam.

  61. Steve Says:

    Version for Mac – pleeeeeeeeeeeze??!

  62. Gofl Says:

    this game is soooo awesome

  63. a Says:

    i could soooo see this on the nintendo ds!

  64. Yulei Says:

    Wow, what a bunch of arrogant MAC users in these comments (no surprises there). This guy has been working 20~ months on this great game and you KNEW he was only going release it for the PC. And now you start whining?

    Get bootcamp and enjoy it or don’t, I won’t shed a tear.

  65. Kris Says:

    Having just learned of this program today I did not KNOW he was going to release it only for PCs.
    But arrogance seems to be platform agnostic.

    Purchasing a copy of Windows is a rather expensive way to play the game, thus a Mac version would be ideal and much preferred.

    Thank you.

  66. Eddy Says:

    I just wanted to stop by and congratulate you on the release of the game! Great job! I’ll be booting into Windows on my Mac to play it. ^_^

    And as for all you other Mac users whining, get a grip, seriously.

  67. Michael Says:

    I hyped your game on my blog, only to discover that I couldn’t actually download it since you don’t support macs. I hope you’ll fix that soon. In the mean time, I guess I’ll go spend my $20 at the bar.

  68. Chance Says:

    You can play this game on mac. It works perfect with wine on a mac.

  69. Fiz Says:

    Pay no attention to those folks complaining about not having this for a Mac. The childish antagonism between proponents of the two most popular computer platforms is getting really, really old. Nearly everyone has access to PCs and Macs where they go to school, where they work, at home. Get over it. It looks like a neat application, find a computer that runs it and have fun!

  70. Larry Says:

    Awesome game. Have been waiting for this one for ages! Will buy promptly!
    And all you mac users whinning, sod off. I read some retard here saying, “this doesn’t work on mac! I hope you’ll FIX that soon!”.. It’s not something you fix, it’s a complete REWRITE of the program. So you expect this ONE guy to spend one more YEAR making a new mac version of his game, because YOU can’t run a fucking emulator.. Get lost

  71. Adam Says:

    This game is amazing. I absolutely love it. It is a shame that your blog announcing the release has been turned into a whine-fest, pi$$ing contest about the ways in which you DIDN’T program it. You deserve better after developing such a beautiful game. Unlike some others, I actually dread the day that you release it for my other available platform, Windows Mobile. I would never get anything done again and would wear through styli and screen protectors at a ridiculou$ rate.

    Thanks again for such a great game…I have spent (way too much) time really enjoying it over the past couple of days and don’t foresee myself becoming bored with it anytime soon. I hope it is a big success for you.

  72. Dave in TN Says:


    Just wanted to clarify that most of the clamor for a Mac version is coming from people like me who are just excited about the game, and wish they could play it for themselves.

    I don’t think the requests for a Mac version are a display of arrogance. I think it just comes from those who don’t have a PC readily accessible [they don’t own one, aren’t in school, and actually have to *work* at work…] and who aren’t “computer people” that would have the technical know-how, time, &/or money required to go about finding a way around the platform divide. (I myself am all of the above.)

    I first heard about this via your interview on NPR the other day, and even though I don’t own a PC, I’m more than happy to tell all my friends & family about it. With any luck, word of mouth & media exposure will provide the resources needed to release a Mac version. In the meantime though, we just want to let you know that the interest in such is there.

    Thanks for your time, and congratulations on what I’m sure will be a success.


  73. scarbowl Says:

    Very intriguing. But will have to wait for a possible Mac version. I don’t have a Windows machine at home.

  74. scarbowl Says:

    Can’t understand why the PC users are whining about Mac users wishing for a version on their preferred operating system. What’s with the profanity of posters like “Larry?” Anyway, the game looks remarkable and is clearly a labor of love. Congrats on the publicity and wishing you success!

  75. SuporteTecnicoID Says:

    bah!,,,,,look this for Linux…..

  76. Svenna Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this lovely game since I first saw the demo in March. I’m waiting on the download to finish now. It’d be great if there were a version for Mac, but using Boot Camp to play on Windows really isn’t so bad. Seeing as the game takes the whole screen, it’s not something I’d be playing if I were trying to get other things done at the same time.

    Thank you so much for the great game. The music is very nice, as well.

  77. Matheus Says:


    In order to make the desired windows aplication run on your mac,a good free option is avaiable. : )
    As mentioned here a software called “Wine” can do it.
    It’s a very intuitive one to work with.People shall have no problem managing to learn its workings!
    Just google for it…

    Or grab the desired mac version of that program on one of following links:

    (,storage site for open source programs)

    1 – (download link)

    2 – ( second option,download link)

    3 – (for more explanations,Wiki site)

    Great program,awesome one!I wish you good luck.

  78. GKI Says:

    What a nice game!! I was play this game about a year ago then I was surprised~ how nice!! thanks for your effort~ I’m enjoying this game everyday~~:)

  79. Adrian Says:

    So much fun. I liked the drawings, the sailing ship, and especially how in Waking Up Mr Newton we come full circle (so to speak) with the first panel, where the red circle falls like an apple. Neat! Elegant. Just wish there was more. Thanks!

  80. david meyer Says:

    it would be nice to see the game in action. none of the videos work! is there a reason why the videos have been removed from all the services?
    I’m really interested in buying for my 8 year old daughter. Is she too young to enjoy?

  81. Joey B Says:

    Game looks awesome. Don’t have a PC so I’ll wait for the Mac version. Wii seems like a no-brainer too.

  82. Chance Says:

    You guys can all play this game on your mac. It works perfect if you run it with “wine” on a mac.

  83. Ivan B. Says:

    The World of Goo is the best game of 2008, and CPD is the best game of 2009!!!
    I have just finished the game and it is GREAT! Now I will play it again to see if I can come up with different solutions – that is why I think this is the greatest game in 2009!

    p.s. just one question, are all updates free?

  84. Pavel Says:

    Bought the game) there’re bunch of ways to solve any level, which makes this game a treasure!


  85. Sue Says:

    Put my whole family’s vote in for a Mac version!

  86. JDS Says:

    Wow! Great game. And, incidentally the demo does work perfectly on Ubuntu 8.04 with Wine.

    Now to try the full game…

  87. joe Says:

    Please come out with Mac version!

  88. rayburn Says:

    Do I need a special pen or stylus?? I don’t understand how I would draw on the screen.

  89. Chance Says:

    @rayburn: You can just use your mouse. Click and drag?

    @people with Macs: You guys can all play this game on your mac. It works perfect if you run it with “wine” on a mac.

  90. astro Says:

    I code for living and this is a very clean piece of work,

    Well done,

    Hope you make lots of $$$ so can make more of the same

  91. Yellow Says:

    It’s a lovely game. Very clever use of an existing game idea and new tools. It did ruin my design department since no one has done any work the past two hours. Downside of eleven people with Wacoms 😉

  92. michael Says:

    This is a beautiful game, i came to check it out because an organization i work for is looking for experiential and intuitive ways to teach physics to kids. I’m definitely going to suggest this game. Thanks for keeping the price reasonable, too. I’m an americorps volunteer living on a stipend (hee hee…but loving my work.) But i could easily afford this with clever budgeting.

    If an organization or school bought this game and set it up on a computer for kids to play, would there be any cost/copyright issue there?

  93. larry hochhaus Says:

    would like to buy crayon physics delux, but can’t stand pay pal (troubles in past)…
    is there any other way to purchase?

  94. pascale Says:

    How do we operate the game without the pen, do we use the mouse? (forgive me for my computer illiteracy, I think the game is great and my kids really want it, just don’t know if it will work for us like it did in the demo).

  95. Chance Says:

    @pascale: You can just use your mouse. Click and drag? If the demo worked the full version definitely will.

  96. jacob nottelling Says:

    why do when i download it does not work. answer me please.

  97. Jim Semenick Says:

    Simply said… OH MY GOD… I played the demo on a friends recommendation for about 10 minutes, and Immediately broke out the creditcard..

    Ok.. Having a mac.. meant actually installing windows in a virtual environment simply to play this, but my kid thinks your are a genius!

    I think that $20 says it all.. I’ve wasted more $ for less on fast food.. This is a work of art.. (Ya, racing and shoot’em up games got good graphics, but the concept’s been done to death.)

    Any way I can spread the word, let me know..

    I wish you success and happyness 🙂

  98. Rey Says:

    It’s an incredible game thanks for such ingenious interface

  99. lark-in-glass Says:

    Almost sold 3 copies!!…if only for the Mac ;-(

    Mac version would be a huge improvement!

    All the best.

  100. Joe Riederer Says:

    I love the game and would like to install about 50 copies in my junior high computer lab. Is the a volume discount?

  101. Chance Says:

    @Joe Riederer: You might have a better chance of getting your question answered by emailing

  102. Chance Says:

    @jacob nottelling: Try being more specific, and post the problem on the forums. We need to know why it isn’t working, and information about your computer.

  103. Painted by Numbers Says:

    Will be buying my copy soon. 4 of my sisters will also be purchasing for their kids.
    Can’t wait to see a wii and mac version. this would also be an awesome touch screen/iphone app

  104. kate Says:

    Can’t wait for the Mac version….when is it coming?

  105. anat Says:

    my name is Anat I am a teacher in a teachers college.
    I am teaching teachers and giffted kids computer games.
    In my course my students learn how computer game can develope thinking skills.
    I saw your game and I would like to teach it in my classes.
    can you give me a full copy
    have a good day

  106. Yiannis Says:

    Please, get the Mac version out soon! Can’t wait! (the only Windows machine I have is at work, and I’m not allowed to install the game! Why does it require admin privileges? Can we do smth about this?)

  107. burt tucker Says:

    how do I down load this if I wish to give it as a gift can I down load it and save to cd or to anothers email address
    looks like you need to provide this avenue on your buy site


  108. Alex Says:

    Thank you very much for the effort and detail!
    You will get at least 2 more purchases based on my experience and advice.

  109. Steve Liddle Says:

    Saw this on, thought would have a look at it, going to mention it on facebook, maybe the owner has a group there already ?

    It is a good puzzle and suspect will buy a game soon 🙂

  110. Tzek Says:

    Mac version, pls!!!!

  111. briang Says:

    Amazing amazing amazing!!!

    Within three seconds of watching the game play demo I knew I would buy it.

    I have an HP Touchsmart, and two toddlers. They love to play with paint.exe in Vista, so I have been looking for something else a bit more interesting.

    This is perfect!

  112. maclover Says:

    Please, oh, please, hurry with the mac version! I have a friend with a tablet PC, and I really wanna play on my computer!

  113. Jussi Norio Says:

    Great game.
    Please, please port this for DS!
    Kiitos etukäteen 🙂

  114. Tibault Says:

    Awesome, the wait for the Linux port begins…

  115. peter lount Says:

    Will Says:
    > For all of you calling for a Mac version; do you realize how much work that can be?

    Not very much. Cider is a program made for developers to port their games to the Mac with practically zero work. Small, medium and large developers are using it to port games. This is possible because Macs use standard Intel chips, so it’s not like having to recompile or rewrite applications.

    So yes, we realize how much work it takes: practiclly none. Too bad you live in the dark ages.

    Somebody jackass Says:
    > I will definitely NOT be buying it if it comes out on Mac.

    You weren’t going to buy it anyway because everyone knows that 90% of PC users are cheap bastards who pirate games from torrent sites and Mac users have money and for the most part buy originals.

    You have the lamest excuse to try and justify your piracy.

    “I will not be buying it” it out now. If you weren’t a thief, you would have already bought it by now.

    PC people are such scumbags and you keep proving how superior Mac users really are.

  116. Adam Jimenez Says:

    > PC people are such scumbags and you keep proving how superior Mac users really are.

    stop trolling and play the game in bootcamp or wine or wateva you mac users do. jeez!

  117. Aaro Syrjäläinen Says:

    I am downloading the demo right now. I simply love the idea and this game would be perfect for Wii and DS.

    Metacritic score is 82 right now so it seems that critics like this game alot.

    Thanks for the Awesome game!

    Täytyis varmaan ostaa peli…

  118. AndyTheSaxon Says:

    Swell game lad’ Keep em’ Comin

  119. HeLiXcom Says:

    Awesome game – just played the demo. You should work with Valve to get this up on Steam!

  120. Extreme_One Says:

    I think it would be great to see this on VALVe’s Steam Store. You deserve it.

    I’d LOVE to see a Wii version! 😀

  121. Nancy K Hall Says:

    I can not read the demo and afraid to pay for the download, in case that too doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

    My computer is a compaq, xp operating system.

    Nancy H

  122. Darci Bowers Says:

    Oops! I watched the demo, was a bit overeager and didnt notice that there was not a Mac version. I bought it already. Can I get my money back?

  123. Mikey Says:

    Awesome game!

    Love it. Thx

  124. Melodie Says:

    I have to join with the chorus of ‘whiners’ — I’m somewhat distraught that this game appears on PC first –

    I pulled my Dell, which I loathe, from underneath the sink tonight(yep, that’s where I keep that jar of plum wine that went wrong and computers I don’t like), so I tried out the demo… loved the game, loads of fun — it reminded me of a time, when anything was possible, you only had to imagine it — great feeling…

    Albeit, short lived, because the step child PC went right back under the sink, it wasn’t cinderella for long… everyone in my family uses Macs, we have 5 of them…and I can’t really justify, thrusting that beastly machine on unsuspecting souls, no matter how cool the game…(ok I’m being dramatic)

    I would be perfectly overjoyed to see this run natively on the Mac and would be a very willing beta tester and buyer — either way, I hope my arrogance and whining, being a Mac user and all, come with a bit of influence — if not, what would be the point?

    Either way, much success to you — and PC users stand lucky tonight to have a wonderfully thoughtful game, I might be a bit jealous… nahhhhh:)


  125. john power Says:


    what a tool for science teachers . what about buying it for use in
    the classroom??

  126. Aaron Says:

    I can’t believe such a simple game cannot work on windows 98. I’m very disappointed.

  127. realpeople Says:

    I CANT BELEABVE its NOt workin ON DOS!!!!!! IM CRYING

  128. logan Says:

    Looks very similar to…

  129. Brian Says:

    Great program. Have you considering approaching Crayola with this game? They would be crazy not to buy the rights from you or license it and do the marketing. Anyways, I found it through an article on hotmail and will be buying it. 😀

  130. Equinox Says:

    I tried porting the game to Mac by Cider,but the screen flashed and flashed,but the game worked successfully.
    I’m sorry for my poor English…

  131. Kiernan Holland Says:

    It will run in Wine therefore it can run on Mac and Linux.

  132. Adam Says:

    Awesome work & creativity. Please consider doing a version for the Nintendo DS, all the kids have them and they have touchscreens. Perfect platform.

    Thanks for inspiring us to follow our dreams.

  133. Li Says:

    Just tested this out in my lecture to do with how to engage children using ICT and this is fantastic. Will definitely buy this as soon as I get home!

  134. ComplexPlane Says:

    Congratulations on a fantastic game. I’ve been waiting for the full release of Crayon Physics ever since seeing the first demo. I bought it immediately for PC and iPhone and recommend it whenever I get the chance. Everyone loves it from age 5 to adults. You have proven that a hit game can still be produced by a very small team or even one programmer. This will make you a lot of money – enjoy it, but be sure to save some for the future too!

  135. Marion Says:

    Hey Petri,

    This is the best game I’ve played in a long time. The best thing is solving a puzzle and then watching someone else solve it COMPLETELY differently! And seeing frustrated scribbles come to life and turn into solutions.
    Thanks for putting this together. I hope you find enough paying customers to make another one 🙂

  136. Christoph Says:

    Please!!! Come out with a version for Mac OS X Leopard soon! I have a MacBoo Pro (my main) and a PC I rarely use. My PC is crap, and it keeps crashing with Crayon Physics! My friends say t works fine, and I know it’s my computer. Thank you!

  137. lee harless Says:


  138. Hiro Says:

    Make a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Ahn Says:

    Please PocketPC Version!!!!!!!!!! ToT
    Please PocketPC Version!!!!!!!!!! T-T
    Please PocketPC Version!!!!!!!!!! T.T
    Please PocketPC Version!!!!!!!!!! T_T
    Please PocketPC Version!!!!!!!!!! T0T
    Please PocketPC Version!!!!!!!!!! T*T
    Please PocketPC Version!!!!!!!!!! T~T
    Please PocketPC Version!!!!!!!!!! TaT
    Please PocketPC Version!!!!!!!!!! T3T

  140. Guardian Says:

    I am playing that game on an ASUS EEE PC 704 (600 MHz, 512 MB RAM) and it works fine!Thanks for that wonderfull game.

  141. Manuel Torres Says:

    Roaring congratulations to you for placing yourself in the history books with this comic version of the cosmos. You should be very pleased with your work. We all are.

  142. Chance Says:

    @peter lount: If it is so simple, then you should just port it. This is ONE guy who made the entire game. If you think it is easy for one guy to do, you could probably do a better job of porting it. You have more knowledge than Petri at macs.

    @Darci Bowers: If you download Wine you can still play the game on your mac.

    @Aaron: It’s not at all a simple game. It didn’t work on my windows XP (2004) until I updated my graphics cards. You really shouldn’t be using windows 98, that’s just unbearable. Look into upgrading your OS.

  143. Lee Christie Says:

    Great game, probably played more of this than Spore already. I love the recent auto update with replays and marking solutions as ‘awsome’. I hope a later update adds some features to the editor.

    And to those people complaining about there not being a Mac version; Mac versions of games often come later than the PC version (if ever), it’s something you had to consider when choosing a platform in the first place. PC gaming is a huge market, Mac gaming isn’t. Try WINE, Parallels, Boot-camp, buy a PC, or just wait and hope for a Mac version. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a Mac verison at some point, but it’s unreaonable to demand a game or app for YOUR prefered platform, I’d quite like some Mac apps like Final Cut Express on my PC but I don’t complain about it.

  144. S Adrian Says:

    Disapointed … it doesn’t run on my hp tc 1100 tablet 🙁 .. the first version did work .. it was awesome .. I’ll buy it when graph requirements will be smaller ( like 32M of graphics .. ) or when it’ll have some options to lower the graphic details ..

  145. Jenny Says:

    Mac version please!!! I love it!

  146. caspar Says:

    really nice
    nice game nice graphics nice sound…

    unfortunatly (in this case) i have a mac..

  147. QuitYerBitchin Says:

    Since about 3 percent of home computers sold in the world are MAChines, it is ported to run on the other 97 percent. With all the workarounds and emulators available and the fact you MAC folks are only 3 percent of the potential buyers, why should he port the game? Maybe some cheese to go along with your WHINE? Mac has garage band and we dont. I’ll come to your house to write a song, you come here to play the awesome CRAYON PHYSICS game!!! Alls fair in love N war!

  148. Matthew Says:

    Mac’s have a 10 per cent market share, but that’s not the key statistic here. I’m willing to bet the average Mac owner is far more likely to want to play it than the average PC owner.

  149. bryan mcdonald Says:

    my 11 year old and i played it all through super bowl…on a mac…using crossover…it rocks!

  150. bryan mcdonald Says:

    Just figured out that crayon physics is an iPhone application…and for only $4.99! Way cool! It was not clear to me from reading this FAQ or visiting the website that there was an iPhone application (I confused the requests to have it on iPhone as an indication that it did not exist…my mistake). Thank you so much for making an iPhone app!

  151. markem Says:

    I tried this on a friends (hohum) PC and love the concept and the game. It is soooo right for MAC. I hope you are hearing the whine, screetch and cry: MAC VERSION MAC VERSION MAC VERSION MAC VERSION MAC VERSION !!! More takers on our side. More money. You deserve our support. And, no, I will not launch windows to get it but I will pay more than 20 bucks.
    Big question: WHEN???

  152. Timothy McCoy Says:

    i payed for the game and started to download it and got kicked off and i says i have downloaded it to many times so i still cant play the game where can i get another link to download the full game

  153. Karen Plumley Says:

    My whole family LOVES Crayon Physics Deluxe. I have two children, ages 6 & 9, who beg to play it every night after school. I am a freelance writer/education advocate and have written a favorable review of your intelligent, family-friendly game. It is here:

    Thanks so much for sharing your talents.
    Karen Plumley

  154. Diane McLean Says:

    I purchased a copy of the game via credit card on 1/12/09 for my granddaughter. The game has yet to arrive. Please advise.

  155. Buchstabensalat Says:

    Hey, nevermind about Linux!
    WINE works fine with it. A little bit slow, okay, but speed not’s the question, is it? 😉


  156. Michael Says:

    You should put this on the Nintendo DS – would be perfect with the stylus

  157. elrusho Says:

    Thanks for a great game , every one here at our university is enjoying your game.
    I was just wondering what did you write the game in ? and how long did it take ?

  158. taiman Says:

    wow!! great game!!! when will it work on MAC?

  159. cknutsen Says:

    Please make a version for a MAC. My kids would love this, but we are not on PCs in our house.


  160. ChickPea Says:

    Add another voice to the question about site licences for schools- I’m a PTA member at my local primary, and I reckon they’d license this for 30 or 40 seats if there were an educational deal.

    And hey- you Mac fanboys- why would someone create a mainstream product and do it on the less popular platform first, when you can already run it under Wine or Crossover?

    Perhaps Mac users are more likely to buy it- but they’d have to be at least 9x more likely before it made any sense commercially.

  161. kamala Says:

    Anyone know the song playing in the video demo of CP? It’s a really nice song.

  162. Asta Says:

    As soon as there is a Mac version I will buy it!

  163. CR Says:

    +1 for a Mac version!

  164. Paavo Says:

    Is there going to be a mac version, and if so, when?

  165. Richard Howells Says:

    I purchased Crayon Physics Delux – love it. But now when I open, I get msg “Sorry, email address or password was incorrect.” My email is unchanged since my purchase, and it is correctly entered. I’ve reset my password twice but still I get the same error message.

    What help can you offer?


  166. Stoffe Says:

    I would like a Linux version. I don’t own or use Microsoft products and have no intention of ever doing it again.

    Just a small “me too” in support of a port being made. 🙂

  167. Poggemeier Says:

    I like to buy the game for a school. How many does it coast then?


    Realschule Nord
    Bad oeynhausen
    Im leingarten 29
    32549 Bad Oeynhausern

  168. martin Says:

  169. Mr. Reeee Says:

    The game sounds interesting.

    When can we expect the Mac OS X version?

  170. Kate B Says:

    I purchased the game on 1/30 and have yet to receive it. I tried the e-mail tool in the FAQ’s but it didn’t recognize my address. I have send 4 e-mails to support but no answers! Anyone else have/having problems getting what you paid for? The charge has been on the Visa for a few weeks now. Any advice?

  171. Liz Says:

    Please please hurry with the Mac version! I can’t wait!

  172. Eric Says:

    Iplayed the demo for the 1st tme stoned and I was completely tuned into it. What a great game :)~~

  173. sarah Says:

    oh my god, like every other mac user out there, i am literally on my knees begging your mac version to come out…

    before i go crazy and buy a PC just to play your game ^_^ that will be funny!!

  174. Tom Says:

    This game is amazing! I check every day to see if the mac version is out. Please hurry.

  175. bob Says:

    Jesus, shut the hell up about the MAC crap already!!!

  176. Ludwig Says:

    First thing to say; AWSOME Game!

    My only Question is if ther will ever come out a Version for Windows Mobile 6.
    I know, the Requirements at the moment are much to high for the most PDAs or anything similar, but perhaps textures, anmations or, I don’t know, you are the developers :), anything else that needs a higher capcity than my htc Touch diamond.

    Keep working on it,
    altough i can sa it’s awsome 😉


  177. johan Says:


  178. BullGod Says:

    Oh my gosh….what is this crap with some of you mac folks?…All I hear is how ‘wonderful’ and ‘easy to use’ macs are. Most folks that have one get it so they can be in the ‘apple club’.

    Well, you bought into the club alright….the “no one develops game software for us” club. There is still time, trick someone else into buying your mac, they can be in the ‘club’, and buy a computer that is useful for more than moving itunes media around.

    Although, then you would not have anything to whine about.

  179. Nicholas Says:

    Oh man, I JUST stumbled onto this site via an arbitrary forum link I just happened to notice. I’d have bought a few copies for myself and friends immediately after watching the demo video had it been available for Mac.

    Hoping for an eventual Mac release!

    Great job!

    Note: Most of the anti-Mac douches probably haven’t used one in the last ten years. Seriously, I thought I hated Macs too, until I was literally stuck with one for two months. I’ve been a consistent Windows user/developer for twelve years. It took me about two weeks to adjust before I really began to realize how powerful they are. It’s not about “OH EM GEE! THEM THAR MACS IZ SO EASY TO USE!!!!!!!1111” No, they’re actually pretty awesome if you give them a chance. Seriously, stop being so ignorant.

  180. BullGod Says:

    I actually use a machine from both camps daily, as well as support a mix from both camps in an enterprise enviroment.
    No one seems to be able to provide me with a good reason they need a mac other than, they like them better. It makes my job of management more difficult, and also makes no sense to make such a poor financial decision by purchasing a machine that costs 83% more than a comparable IBM based machine (at least in my environment).

    At times I hear it is because macs are better for ‘art’ and ‘artists’, and that may have been true 10-15 years ago, but the fact is that it is no longer true, period.

    I respect personal preference (or I would not support them in an enterprise environment), but a clouded perspective, full of old notions is just wrong when making financial decisions. To each his own, but then don’t whine when something is not developed for your 8% of the share.

  181. kat Says:

    This game would be great with the nintendo ds. I just played with it on a friend’s ipod touch and i absolutely love it!

  182. Tim Says:

    I would sell my babies for a linux version.

  183. Betty Says:

    Any luck with a Mac version yet, Mac’s are popular too :OD

  184. ellspeth Says:

    I tried this game on my sister’s PC and loved it!

    I’ll be buying this for my PC. Until a potential Mac version comes out I’ll enjoy it on the iPhone.

    No point on putting anything on my Mac for just a game.

  185. Hans Says:

    Please, give me a MAC version.

  186. the dude Says:

    It Rox!!! Man it was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. Rhet Says:

    Any news on a Mac port? I’d buy it but won’t buy (or try) the Windows version since I don’t have a PC.

  188. Karen Bouffard Says:

    My son heard about this on NPR and got me “hooked-” Even after teaching physics thirty years there is still something new! Both my 6 yr-old grandson and other engineer’s in his office are addicted. But-alas-I’m a MAC user!. Any predicted MAc version yet? How will we know? If I subscribe on his PC, will I have to pay again when the MAC version is readt?

  189. Bill Stanslot Says:

    I will buy this game. It looks pretty good. That said, did I just buy a $20 game that told me to RTFF in bold letters? Dude, you need to be a better marketer. As a customer, that just irritates me, and if I had the chance, I might have not bought the product.

    Here’s your clue: If I click on the FAQ, I should NOT be told:


    In bold language. It’s kinda rude.
    ** These comments were all made in fouler language, but I chose to scale them back.

  190. CLaus Says:

    it could be cool if you make a demo to the iPhone to.

  191. Amira Elsayed Says:

    I really Love it very much

  192. Rémi C. Says:

    As sgb and a lot of other people are saying, “I’ll buy a copy as soon as it works on Mac.”

  193. Brennan Says:

    For all the MAC people out there that want to play: use CrossOver or WINE to install windows apps on your mac. Wine’s free but takes a few extra steps to get working. Twitter me if you want to know how ( and I’ll show you the way 😉


  194. Steve Need this game Says:

    I will probably get it when it comes out for the mac. Looks great!

  195. Mordred Says:

    Awesome, I would buy it immediately if it was on Mac. Hurry up!!!

  196. Thank you Says:

    When it comes to describing this game “exceptional” would be an understatement. I’ve been gaming for 20+ years and this is undoubtedly one of the best games I’ve ever played. Thanks for the effort you put into it and I hope there will be more versions in the years to come.

  197. luv the game Says:


  198. luv the game Says:

    :I Cheez!

  199. mateo Says:

    Mac Mac Mac now!!

  200. CJ Says:

    I’d love to see a Mac version…this is a great program for problem-solving and creative thinking. I would love to use it in my fifth grade classroom…but we only have Macs.

    Thanks for the fun!

  201. Shelley Lorentzen Says:

    What is the name of the music playing during the demo? It’s really relaxing and inspiring. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Love the game!

  202. Jack Dennis Says:

    Just ordered the Delux, but somehow it wanted to ship to our Maine address. It should go to our grandson who has a PC and enjoyed the Demo a lot.

    I’m not sure this is the place to put it:

    Jack Dennis (grandson Declan Stefanski age 11)
    290 Lower Main West
    Johnson, VT 05656

    Great game.


  203. Darren Says:

    I am starting a Fine Arts and Humanities smaller learning community in a Chicago high school and am looking for innovative ways of tying curriculum to the arts. I think your game would be a cool way to do this. Are you selling site licenses for schools?

  204. Susan Says:

    I bought the game on my other computer and now I’m trying to make it work on my son’s computer. I can’t seem to find the login site information to get in. Could you please help? Thank you.

  205. Michael Says:

    I’ve been following Crayon Physics for a long time and getting anything close to play on my Mac (flash and iPhone rip offs). I’ve eagerly awaiting a Mac port! Just throwing out some motivation. Thanks.

  206. kate will Says:

    just downloaded the demo. all i get is a black chalkboard like screen with music playing. can’t seem to make it work. what am i missing? i though my compute had al th requirements. could it be the 3D card is missing? how do I check what i have?

  207. ji su Says:

    Seeks the copy paste with (ctrl+v) of the key which is covert how?

  208. vv Says:

    the play can be for MAC OS?

  209. Lancaster Says:

    WHERE is the MAC version?????? PLEASE!!!!
    Must have it on MAC….Twitching, and itching….needs crayonPhysics for MAC!!!

  210. buryoner Says:

    draw comes to life…fun fun fun i love it ,why couldn’t they make this sooner , damit i’m old now(shaking my fist)

  211. Dave Says:

    For those interested in running this on Linux: The demo runs *flawlessly* under Cedega. Errors during the installation can be safely ignored. All you need to do is get the file wldap32.dll from a Windows box and copy it into the game’s system32 folder after installation. Runs in both fullscreen and windowed mode with smooth sound and graphics. In windowed mode there is some flickering if you move the cursor outside of the window, but everything is fine while actually playing the game.

    I hope this helps.

  212. Red! Says:

    Hi, great nifty game!

    I’d actually buy it – however I would like it to support higher resolutions (for me, up to 1920×1200).

  213. visa bucks card Says:

    visa bucks card…

    I have the same opinion as yours on this. What you said is true….

  214. Pat Smith Says:

    go Mac go Mac go Mac. Seriously, I’m itching to play this game. I need it so bad. My kids don’t know about this, yet. As soon as they see it we’ll be having fights about who’s next.

    Just saw the May 8 comment: hi-res would be great. I could really use 1680×1050. Mights as well go to 1920 while you’re at it.

  215. Chris Says:

    A Friend told me you are working on a Mac-Version. When do you plan to release it?

  216. FIgurado Says:

    Please make this for Mac….please! Please?

  217. thalesve Says:

    really?! 20 bucks?! how about 5!?

  218. Surphaze Says:

    Wow, amazing concept.

    Too bad there’s not a Mac version. My girlfriend would love this. … yes and me too 😉


  219. Lemonjellow Says:

    I’m rather impressed… Great game concept, and amazingly the demo runs flawlessly @ 1024X600 (standard netbook resolution) on my Eee PC 900HA with only an Atom n270 1.6ghz, 1 gig of ram, and an integrated Intel graphics… ONLY issue I have is I’m going to go blind starign at the 9″ screen and/or get fired now playing this at work… Obviously I have to buy it now! :- ( Maybe I’ll let my boss play and she’ll be addicted too… :- D

  220. JFO Says:

    When will MAC version be available. You said it was coming after PC… 🙂

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