Awesome Rube Goldbergish Solutions

I came across these and they were tool cool not to be posted.

Crayon Physics – Castle Challenge from Highway6 on Vimeo.

Crayon Physics…. One possible solution from Highway6 on Vimeo.

13 Responses to “Awesome Rube Goldbergish Solutions”

  1. Mavi Says:

    This is crazy :-O

  2. Valerie Oguss Says:

    Hi Petri,

    I am the education director at Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena, California and we are in LOVE with Crayon Physics Deluxe. We would like to include it on our website and would be more than willing to link it to your site so that families can purchase a copy of their own. Would such an arrangement work for you? Feel free to email me at the email address above.


    Valerie Oguss

  3. RJ Says:

    Petri keep posting these, they’re really awesome. I get excited when i see a new one on your blog.

  4. Bill Says:

    Amazing! Keep posting these vids becasue they are an inspiration to come up with something just as crazy!

  5. Roland Says:

    Ever since I got my Cintiq years ago I wanted to use it besides work-related tasks, and none of the games I’ve tried worked well enough. So when I first heard about Crayon Physics (via Penny Arcade I think) I had to give it a go and loved it, and yesterday I finally got around to buying the full game. It’s definitely worth the $19.95 and then some, and I haven’t even gotten around to trying the downloadable levels yet!

    I bet there’s a lot of people who’d love this kind of game but haven’t a clue about its existence. Videos like the ones you posted are just the proof I need to show friends how cool the game is, and that it’s not some dumb puzzle game but one that actually requires you to think 🙂

  6. brendan Says:

    this is awesome i will get it as soon as paypal accepts my gift card. when will other payment types be accepted?

  7. Rohit Says:

    I downloaded the demo last night and have not stopped thinking about it. Of course, I was using very simplistic creations, since I was focussed on get it done quickly. Clearly, the fun is in creating more complex and fun systems.

    I found this game via a link on the Surface blogs. This would make an awesome Surface app, with multiple people working together.

    BTW, how are you recording the “takes”?

  8. VampirX Says:

    Tnak for posting, làot of fun watching it ! Nice solution !

  9. Matthias Says:

    Great ideas… just played the demo for the first time and didn’t even nearly realized the possibilites you have. 🙂

  10. iestyn Says:

    It’s a shame that Crayon Physics discourages (99% of) people from creating these kinds of wonderful solutions – since your solution is erased and you have to start from scratch after each try. Given this, missing the star by a couple of pixels after drawing something elaborate -> instant frustration. The ability to start from your previous solution and tweak it would be a HUGE win.

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