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Cancer Wars

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Apparently jet lag (GDC will do that you), over 50 unanswered emails (I blame GDC) and trying to prototype multiple game ideas (also GDC’s fault) at once isn’t the most productive working environment. Who would have known. And before traveling to San Francisco I was thinking that it wouldn’t be too difficult to do a game after the conference; having a head full of ideas I wanted to test out. Anyway I patched together this prototype in two days. Unfortunately it isn’t nearly as finished as I would like it to be. I’m not sure if the game mechanism even “works”…

It’s a two player game, played with a single mouse. There is no single player mode in the game! Also there isn’t any instructions in the game, so please read the written instructions before trying it out. And to reset the game you have to manually “reset” the game, by closing and restarting the program.

Cancer Wars

Cancer Wars shot Cancer Wars shot Cancer Wars shot

DOWNLOAD: (2.4 Mb)


You play as pink and green stomach cancers, who mainly survive by consuming large amounts of beer (yellow liquid in the stomach). The goal of the game is to harvest enough of the beer to fill out your resource meter. Who ever fills their resource meter first wins the game.

To harvest the beer try to get as much of the beer into your cancer mouth as possible. You can build constructions by dragging cancer pieces from the “shop”. You can rotate the pieces (while dragging) with the mouse wheel. Every piece you build will cost you some amount of resources. The bombs will allow you to destroy cancer pieces from the stomach.

Grammar Nazi

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Feb 6 2008: This is what I posted while the site was down. And yes, I’m still waiting for the shell access rights from my old hosting company…

I’m still waiting. My ex hosting company hasn’t given me a shell access, so I could fix the SQL tables and get my blog back up and running. It’s been now 9 days and I’ve been in contact with them several times and they still haven’t been able to give me a shell access or fix my SQL tables.

In the meantime I did a quick one day game, which I’ll provide here.

I’ve been fighting the urge to do a SHMUP for a long time. The indie SHMUP genre is a very interesting and a lively one. So greetings to you all, I admire your work and I hope I haven’t cloned anyone’s game without knowing it!

Grammar Nazi

Grammar Nazi shot Grammar Nazi shot Grammar Nazi shot

DOWNLOAD: (5.8 Mb)


You’re the grammar nazi, fighting poor English usage everywhere you go!

Type in letters to fire. You can do damage to the poor English (the boss enemy thing) if you manage to spell a word correctly. Longer words do more damage than short ones.

Controls: your keyboard


Game Design, Code & Gfx: Petri Purho ( petri.purho (at) )

Music: The Coconut Monkeyrocket & Martinibomb – Shopping For Explosives. The song “Shopping For Explosives” is freely available at under the  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 1.0 license.

M3 – Molesting the Match-3 Market

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Edit 19th Dec 2007: I did a small update on the game. New version is available now.

And now for the final exciting episode of my Ludum Dare blog post trilogy.

The game is done and it’s called M3 – Molesting the Match-3 Market. It’s inspiration was this blog post, which somewhat explains the name.

The idea in the game is that you’re a casual games’ level designer and it’s your job to create levels for the game, in which the players can get the maximum score without really doing anything. Because the truth is that’s what most commercially successful casual games are like. Big rewards with minimum input from the player.

This is my first “48 hour game” and I entered it for the 10th Ludum Dare 48 hour solo game development competition. The idea of the competition is to see how good of a game can you create alone, from grounds up in 48 hours. Also I overslept the first 10 hours, so for me it was a 38 hour game development competition :)

M3 – Molesting the Match-3 Market

Screenshot of M3 Screenshot of M3 Screenshot of M3

Download (2.3 Mb) (Release 2) (2,3 Mb) (Release 1) (0,5 Mb) (Source code of release 1)


You’re a level designer for a casual game. Your job is to design levels so that (casual) players don’t have to do anything to get a huge score. This is the way commercially succesful casual games are being made.

Drag the pieces around and click start. The colors will be destroyed as they touch each other. Try to go for the big multiple chains.

[space] – swaps between the editor and game.
[m] – toggles sounds.


Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Yet another done in under 7 days game. This time I totally run out of time, I blame this on some unexpected stuff I had to deal with and also the wast quantity of last minute bugs that seemed to multiply every time I squashed one.


a game about Humping Monsters.

Screenshot of Humpsters Screenshot of Humpsters Screenshot of Humpsters

Download (6,0 Mb) (Release 1)


You are a Humpster trainer and your job is to become the best humpster trainer in the world!

Edit your Humpster in the shop. Drag bodies around (drag the blue dot) and connect them together with the blue dot.
You cannot directly do anything in the fight mode, so  design your humpsters properly.

Bloody Zombies

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

I’m kicking off the new season with a low resolution game done for the Gamma 256 event. The deadline is today, but really this game should have been released yesterday, when it was Halloween and Peter Jackson’s birthday. All I can say in my defence is: Party’s over!

Bloody Zombies

Screenshot of Bloody Zombies Screenshot of Bloody Zombies Screenshot of Bloody Zombies

Download (0,5 Mb) (Release 1)


Bloody Zombies, the goriest game ever made in the glorious 128 x 96 resolution! Fight zombies with your lawn mower! Solve levels with your opponents blood!

Goal is to rescue Barbara from the clutches of the nasty zombies. Collect all the keys in the level to open the door to the next one.

It’s recommended to play the game with a Xbox 360 controller. But it’s also playable with keyboard and mouse.

Xbox 360 gamepad controls
[d-pad] controls the character.
[right thumb] controls the lawn mower.

[right trigger] gives gas to the lawn mower.

Mouse-keyboard controls
[WASD] moves the character.
[Mouse] moves the lawn mower.
[Left mouse button] controls the gas.

Esc will quit the game.

Settings.xml can be tweaked to run the game in fullscreen. The game runs in 128 x 96 resolution, but for obvious reasons the game area is zoomed. The zoom factor can be adjusted in the settings.xml. It’s under the title PixelSize. PixelSize 1 runs the game in it’s native resolution.