Forums are gone

But here's the old FAQs about Crayon Physics Deluxe

Here's a bunch of answers to questions that get asked pretty often.

Buying and installing the game

I ordered the game but I didn't get my download link
Check your spam folder.

If it's not there, you can use this tool to resent the lost emails.

Sometimes it takes a little while (up to an hour) before PayPal informs the servers that you've ordered the game. If more than an hour has passed and you're getting worried that something mysterious happened to your order, email me at and let me know the email address you used to buy the game with. I'll get back to you with the download link.

I got an email, but it was black and/or contained attachment
You should try resending the email using this tool

If it doesn't work email me at and let me know the email address you used to buy the game with. I'll get back to you with the download link.

What's the system requirements of the game
Windows XP / Vista
1 GHZ or faster CPU,
512 MB or more RAM,
DirectX 9.0
3D card with 128 MB of texture memory

If you doubt that your system might not run the game, you should try the demo. The demo IS NOT the same thing as the prototype in which you could only draw boxes. They are based on different tech so even if the prototype runs Crayon Physics Deluxe might not.

Is it possible to install the game on multiple computers
You can install the game onto as many computers as you and your family might own.

Technical problems

My screen is all black, I can't see anything
See Possible solution to graphics card problems bellow.

When I start the game, my computer reboots
See Possible solution to graphics card problems bellow.

The screen is all messed up
See Possible solution to graphics card problems bellow.

NV4_DISP infinite loop
See Possible solution to graphics card problems bellow.

Possible solution to graphics card problems
You can go here for details, but quickly you should install DirectX and update your graphics card drivers (ATi Nvidia Intel).

It would be great if you could post to the forums information about your graphics card and the problem that you're experiencing and possibly the solution. If you don't have a solution send in the information about your graphics card and a small description of the problem. This way we can track down the problematic graphics cards.

It's totally possible that your graphics card can't run Crayon Physics Deluxe. The game requires a certain amount of texture memory in order for it to work and not all graphics card have it in them. Also some integrated laptop graphics cards are causing trouble.

If you've bought the game and you can't get it working, email me at and I'll refund your order. Be sure to remember to include the email address you used to buy the game with.

Editor and Playground
How do I use the level Editor?
Go here and read. How to use the level editor

How do I upload levels to the Playground?
Save your level, and click 'upload level' from the menu.
You need to have an account to do this, and CPD needs to be online and allowed to access the internet. Firewall Settings Must Allow Crayon.EXE access to the net.

How do I play levels from Playground?
Click on the download link and save the image on your desktop. Then drag and drop the image into the game and it will open up in the editor.

Tips: You can press alt+enter to swap between windowed and fullscreen mode. You can adjust the size of the window from options.

Release 53 and onward. In your browser, you can just drag and drop the thumbnail of the level to your desktop and drag it from there to the game.

Please feel free to post more questions here and we will try to Help and answer them.

Thanks to zzzdude and McWonderBeast for the original FAQs

Technical questions

Things to try before asking for help (a.k.a. the solutions to most problems):

When asking for help please provide the following information:

When your problem is solved please add to the thread title a "[Solved]" tag to the beginning of the name, this will help people looking for a similiar problem, or tell others to stop posting in the thread.

*How to find your system specs:
XP users:
Vista users:
Go to Start->Run (or Win+R)
type in "dxdiag"
see computer specs, go to the display tab for video card specs.

**How to Post a Screenshot:

This will help the people at the forums to diagnose your problem, and possibly give you a solution to fix it, with relative ease.

-Thanks V.Dog for a nice layout and some information. ()

-it keeps putting the end list code thingy at the end of my post D:

Level editor
Since a lot of the suggestions for features for the level editor are actually already there (just undocumented - I didn't know half of this before this morning), I've written up a level editor guide.

I've you've got any more hints and tips, post them here. If you've got a bug report or a feature request, post it in the Level Editor topic on the Suggestion board. Smiley

The KeysPress

Hints and TipsDrawing & Moving:
Pins & Hinges:

UI Tweaks
(click for the full version)

Advanced: How to bind colours to keys:[/list][/list][/list]
Keyboard::Bind( "1", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 204, 4, 6 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "2", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 230, 127, 7 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "3", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 230, 245, 13 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "4", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 3, 255, 5 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "5", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 1, 3, 255 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "6", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 1, 2, 3 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "7", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 126, 127, 128 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "8", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 245, 245, 245 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "9", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 127, 15, 0 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "0", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 15, 63, 0 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "1", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 255, 0, 0 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "2", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 255, 127, 0 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "3", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 255, 255, 0 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "4", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 0, 255, 0 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "5", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 0, 0, 255 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "6", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 0, 0, 0 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "7", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 127, 127, 127 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "8", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 224, 224, 224 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "9", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 127, 15, 0 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "0", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 15, 63, 0 )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "-", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 15, 63, 127  )", 10 );
Keyboard::Bind( "=", "Game::SetDrawingColor( 238, 188, 100 )", 10 );

You make these changes at your own risk. I'm not responsible for breaking anything, nor any horrible colour combinations you come up with- if you go blind, it's your own fault.